Indoor Flowering Plants that Prefer Low Light

Blooms look gorgeous and add a touch of elegance everywhere. An indoor flowering plant will enhance the beauty of your casa. Potted plants make for a beautiful addition to your living room. An indoor flowering plant that prefers low light is the right fit for your living room. Here is a spread of indoor flowering plants that prefer low light and will brighten up your home.

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Peace lily

Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum is a stunning indoor plant with glossy leaves. It is the perfect plant for the corners in your home. The white spathes with the green leaves will add light to the dim corners. Peace Lily can survive in low light and is relatively easy to care.


A beautiful plant with red flowers, Anthurium will make any dull spot prettier. These indoor flowering plants require low light and will make for a great addition to your bedroom.


Bromeliads are the native plant of Central and South America. These succulents are easy to handle and can survive in dim light. Flowers of different colours bloom on the Bromeliads. You can find white, yellow, pink and orange flowers on Bromeliads.


White is the colour of peace and purity. You can bring a Phalaenopsis plant for adding a touch of pureness and the right white in your living room. These plants do not require direct light and grow happily in indirect sunlight.

Christmas Cactus

The exotic pink coloured flowers on the Christmas Cactus resemble the Christmas bells. This indoor flowering plant looks mesmerising and is a low-maintenance plant.

African Violet

Famed as Saintpaulia, African Violet is an impressive indoor plant. This plant prefers low light and violet colour flowers bloom on it. The best place to keep the African Violet is at your centre table in the living room.

Indoor flowering plants that prefer low light are made for lightening up the dark corners of your house. Not only are they easy to handle but make the surroundings more peaceful and beautiful! Bring them home and become friends with these potted plants.