How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are sweet but sometimes fill our minds with questions too; is she worth waiting? Does he feel the same way as I do? Would it be better to date a person who is near to me? And many more such things come into our mind when we are into long distance relationships. When it comes to surviving the distance these things comes to our mind. Distance will always give you a reason to love harder, because distance means a little when someone means so much to you.

How to survive long distance relationship

Here are a few basics to survive long distance relationships.

  • Stop Judging - when we are apart from each other and cannot see each other every day we start assuming and judging the other person on our own instincts which is not right. Try to trust each other even if you do not talk or meet on a daily basis. These assumptions and judgments will spoil your relationship and make the situation more complicated.
  • Communication should be optional - some say that you must talk regularly in a long distance relationship, but we suggest that talk when you want to and not because you have to. Regular talk may be good with some couples but may spoil the scene with the others. So sometimes if you go without talking 1 or 2 days, let it be. It will create your desire for your partner and a need to talk and you both will feel alive and happy after listening to each other's voice then.
  • Make sure that distance is temporary - Long distance relationships stand on the hope that distance is temporary and someday both parties will unite and make a start towards a new life. So there should be some possibility to your happily ever after dream, otherwise it will all be meaningless. Always remember 'Love is not enough' you should always have mutual interests, visions and some shared values to lead a happy life
  • Always needs positivity towards future life - Long distance relationships are always rumored to be full of uncertainties, and out of hundred percent only fifty percent achieve the success in uniting. So to achieve a real trust in long distance relationships there should be certainty and positivity that this time is temporary and soon the things will take an another turn and will work out according to your terms. The longer you two are apart the more uncertainties will creep up leading to probable legitimate crisis.
  • Always see an opportunity in long distance relationships - If you want to live together you always have to learn how to live apart. Look at it as if it is a test of your love for each other. As a Chinese proverb says 'real gold is not afraid of fire'. Instead of believing that the long distance relationship is drawing you apart, you must always think that this will make your connection stronger. The feeling of sacrifice to get each other's time will give you several sweet experiences to cherish for life.