How to Surprise Your Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

So it's your girl's birthday and she is miles away from you and you want to make her feel special on her birth day? Yes, it's possible. Giving her a surprise visit is something everyone will come up with but what about adding a little spice to it. Plan something big for her. Travel all the way from your place to her; buy a Birthday cake and some candles and take them with you. Call her at midnight and surprise her by showing up yourself in front of her. This will really make her happy for sure. Or you can buy a ring and a bouquet of roses and gift them to her on that very night. I am sure the situation will be a romantic one and she will be on cloud nine.

Go out on a date with her on her birthday, spend the whole day with her and make her feel comfortable. If she's really far away from you and you couldn't travel to her place for some reason, don’t you worry, there is still hope. You can go old school as it proves out to be one of the romantic ways to make her feel special. Write a love letter to her with a box of her favorite chocolates and parcel it out to her place. She will surely feel your love when she would receive the parcel. Or you can buy a copy of her favorite novel and parcel it out to her address – a wonderful gift that anyone would love.

Another thing you can do is travel to her place a day before and plan a party in her favorite café on her birthday, ask her friends to come over with her to that café on that very day without informing her about you being at that place. First off, she will be shocked to see you all of a sudden and she would hug you tighter than ever - a perfect lovely surprise plan for your love.

You can also make a painting of your girl and frame it on glass and parcel it to one of her friend's place along with a handmade birthday card and ask that very friend to hang it around in her room somehow without letting your girl know and ask her friend to hand her the card after she sees it. She will be overwhelmed with joy for sure. Get ready for her joyful shouts when she calls you next.

If you somehow fail to visit your girl on her birthday, call her at midnight and be the first one to wish her. Tell her that you love her and that you miss her a lot. Tell her that she is your priority and make her understand that you will be visiting her soon. Or you can write up a song describing her beauty and the amount of love you have for her and sing it for her via a video call at midnight. That will be special for sure. The best gift for your girl will be your presence on her birthday. Make sure you skip all the other plans on her birthday because that will surely prove that she is your priority.