How to Spread Happiness by Giving Gifts

All of us like receiving and giving gifts as they spread love and happiness. Gifts instantly bring a smile on everyone’s face regardless of their age and psychology. No matter how big or small a gift is, it's appreciated by the receiver and helps solidify your relationship with them. Gifts are given on various occasions and reasons - anniversaries, festivals, and to convey your emotions. With this act of giving gifts, not just the receiver but you too feel happy. So, if you find yourself wanting to spread happiness more often, here’s how you should do it.

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On Anniversaries

Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are one of the most common times when you can gift someone something. Do not go empty-handed and take something that they will truly cherish.

Show Appreciation and Gratitude

Appreciate a good deed or anything that someone has done for you like been kind to you or helped you at the need of the hour. Whether it is a teacher, mentor or a professional relationship that is important for you, say your thank you and appreciate them for just being there and helping you out. Gifting something will not only make them happy but will also encourage them to do more such acts.

House Warming

Take a gift as a house warming. Help your friends or family cosy their space a bit more with your present. It can be something for the kitchen, a decor item or even a simple picture of them.

Express Love

Express your love for someone by giving a gift. Gifts induce many emotions and will help you in conveying your message and sentiments.

Job Well Done

Encourage your kids, employees and even your friends for the job well done by giving them a gift. It will bring them happiness and pride.

New Job or Promotion

Send a congratulatory gift to your friends or any family member for a new job or promotion. Be the reason for their happiness and part of their celebration by sending a thoughtful gift.


Spread happiness by giving gifts on a baby shower or when a baby is born. Take something that will help the mother in nursing or something for the baby. It will truly be appreciated and make your bond stronger with them.


Giving a gift on retirement is equally essential as gifting one on a new job. It will bring joy to the person who might be a little upset (or not) on his retirement day after they have given 30 plus years of their life to a job. A gift will make them know that you value them and are proud of all the years of hard work.

Get Well Soon

Surprise someone with a gift when they are unwell. Being ill and bedridden certainly makes one gloomy and irritated, and with this act of giving a gift, you can bring happiness and take away the negative feeling.

Just Because You Want to

The best way to spread happiness by giving gifts is by simply giving a gift because you want to. The joy of gifting is way more when you gift for no apparent reason.