How to Propose in The Most Romantic Way?

The thought of popping “the” question to the love of our lives inevitably makes us jittery no matter what! There is no method by the rulebook that will make for the perfect way to profess love but your discretion based on the likes of your lover can get you out of the situation as a winner. This story of how you proposed will not only be special as a memory throughout your lives but also be shared with people around. So, make sure you put across your grandest gesture and in this article, we will be brainstorming you with ideas for such.

propose in romantic way

Utilize memorable places

Say the place where you first met her or her favorite restaurant. It can even be your favorite spot in the city. Take her to one of the aforementioned places and voice your feelings in the most heartfelt way possible.

Bring out the adventurer in her

Starting from her house you can give her small puzzles to solve, like a treasure hunt that will eventually lead to the proposal.

Give vent to your wanderlust

Both of you can go for a romantic getaway or a trek. On the completion of the trek, get down on your knees the traditional way and on that high altitude under the starry night sky, express your love.

Get your friends involved

You can put placards with quotes or the proposal or for that matter, the name and hand it over to your common friends. Then take the person you love to a spot away from the chaos of the city and ask your friends one by one to come up with the placards. You can serenade a song to her as they do that. You can even hire a choir to sing her favourite songs in the background. You can even use fireworks to put your point on display.

Get the chocolates to do the job

Buy a box filled with the assorted chocolates she loves and hide your proposal underneath it. You can also go that extra mile and write it on the chocolate wrappers itself so that when the person opens it, a beautiful surprise awaits.

Coffee dates

Some coffee shops help you get the picture of your lover printed on the coffee and along with that you can hide a ring inside your coffee. This is clichéd, yes, but sure is still one of the most conventional ways to propose. This sure is going to win her heart.

Let the sky be your chaperone

A nice romantic approach is to propose under the night starry sky. Spend some quality time together talking about stuff and set the mood. Then pour your heart out as the sky watches from above. The situation can be ideal if there is a meteor shower or a lunar eclipse ongoing.

Love is one of the purest emotions in the world and nothing can go wrong when you follow your heart. So go out there and profess your love. We wish you all the luck.