How to Place Buddha Statue for Home Vastu

Bring home the enlightened one and spread tranquility in your casa. Lord Buddha is the symbol of peace and serenity. The best way to enhance the positivity in your home is by purchasing a Lord Buddha statue. According to Feng Shui, all things have their particular place, and the same goes with Lord Buddha idols and statues. To enlighten you with the right placement of Lord Buddha statues, here is a mini-guide that covers all the minute details. From the type of Lord Buddha statue to the meticulous placement, this guide talks about it all. For optimising the Chi within your house, you must go through our detailed guide.

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Protection Buddha Statue

The protection Buddha statue is in the pose of sitting or standing. The right hand is raised and is in such a form that it appears like Lord Buddha is showering his blessings. You can keep the statue in the room or area that you feel requires positivity. Another spot for the statue is the entrance of your house. By keeping at the door, all negative elements will stay far away.

Reclining Buddha Statue

Famed as the Nirvana Buddha Statue, these statues should face west and incline towards the right. The reclining Buddha represents the last moments of Lord Buddha when he releases himself from the circle of rebirth. The reclining Buddha is a symbol of internal harmony that people should seek in their daily lives.

Meditating Buddha Statue

In the meditation pose, Lord Buddha is sitting in a lotus pose, and his palms are kept on his laps. The meditating Buddha statue is a symbol of peace and calmness. You should keep this statue in your meditation room or corner, and you can even place it in your praying room.

Praying Buddha Statue

A statue where Lord Buddha is sitting in a lotus pose, and both his hands are folded in prayer should be placed in your praying room. Always keep the praying Buddha statue and all other forms of statues at the eye level.

Other Tips for the Placement of The Lord Buddha Statue

  • Don't place the Lord Buddha Statue on the floor and always keep it above your eye level.
  • A Lord Buddha statue is never kept near refrigerators or other large appliances. The large objects block the positive vibes.
  • The statue should always face the east direction. You can place it in the North-East direction to stimulate the energy of the corner.
  • The Lord Buddha statue should never be kept in the bathroom, storeroom and laundry room.
  • Keep the statue always clean and don't let the dirt settle on it.
  • Make the Lord Buddha statue face the inside of the room as it is considered lucky.

With our mini-guide about how to place Buddha statue for home Vastu, you can easily attract positivity to your sweet home. The Enlightened one will bless your house with harmony, serenity and wisdom. It's time for you to welcome him home and place it at the precise spot!