How To Express Different Emotions With Flowers?

There are definitely words in all the known languages known to human beings to express the deepest emotions. But are they enough? If yes, there wouldn’t have been Rs. 27 crore export of roses from India during the Valentine’s Day. People still need flowers to support their words because there are gaps between words and those gaps are sealed by flowers. Rutgers University conducted a 10-month behavioural study that connected satisfaction in life & flowers. They concluded that flowers are natural mood moderators and have strong/positive effects on the emotional health of people.

Emotions With Flowers

Since the creation of this world people have been using flowers differently to express different emotions. Be it a single bud, a bunch of 10 flowers, or an artistic arrangement – flowers have always played a crucial role across cultures and countries. Both the type and colour of flowers are important while trying to expressing a certain emotion.

Colors of Flowers & Emotional Expressions

Red Flowers:

Red is the colour of passion, danger, love, seduction, violence, anger, and adventure. But red flowers symbolize passionate love and romance. Red flowers help people to express their feelings of love and romance and thus it is the top-ranked flower for anniversary and Valentine’s Day celebration. Red-coloured flowers - be it roses, lilies, or carnations often symbolize the eternal love between romantic partners.

Pink Flowers:

The beautiful and graceful pink-coloured flowers express happiness, first love, admiration, appreciation, and gentleness. Therefore, a pink flower bouquet can be a signal to someone “I like you”. There are tenderness and kindness in this hue and thus a pink flower is a perfect gift for moms or teachers.

White Flowers:

White flowers are generally the symbols of amazement and modesty, sacredness and innocence or sympathy for a bereavement. White carnations say “Good Luck” while white jasmine in many places is used in marriage and religious ceremonies. White roses are used as wedding bouquets while white lilies are gifted during housewarming because they spread hope and positivity.

Yellow Flowers:

The color yellow symbolizes sadness in Greece and jealousy in France but for most of the countries and cultures across the world, yellow is a joyful color that radiates warmth, brightness, success, friendship, happiness, and pride. To greet someone “get well soon”, to show friendly love and respect, and to elevate the mood – nothing can compete with the appeal of yellow flowers.

Purple Flowers:

Purple is a royal colour and purple flowers symbolize dignity, tradition, and success. Presenting a purple flower bouquet means saying “I admire and adore you and you are precious to me”. It can be gifted to family members, office colleagues, and relatives when they have achieved something big.

Orange Flowers:

Orange is a positive colour that signifies joy, warmth, creativity, determination, passion, happiness, and fun. The bold and beautiful orange flowers speak of enthusiasm. Orange lilies can be used to greet good health to someone. As orange flowers portray excitement, it can be used to decorate the home to welcome friends, guests, or relatives. It will express the warmth of the mind.

Green Flowers:

Green is a soothing colour that relaxes the mind and body. To express “All the best” when a dear one is undertaking a big project – a green flower bouquet would be functional. Also to greet all the success in life ahead during farewell, green flowers can be selected.

How the Presence of Flowers Benefit People?

Based on researches and studies conducted by Rutgers University, here are some benefits that people draw from flowers:

  • For any age group, flowers are linked to immediate happiness and excitement. The reactions are often- surprise, joy, and gratitude.
  • Flowers have been found to have a positive effect on the moods of people for a prolonged time. People feel less depressed, stressed, angry, or agitated while receiving flowers.
  • There is a greater sense of satisfaction when people are surrounded by beautiful flowers.
  • Flowers also never fail to create intimate connections. It means, gifting or receiving flowers enhance positivity among people.

Isn’t that wonderful to learn how beautifully one can gamut of emotions through flowers? In a way, flowers take some load off the shoulders of words.