How to Decorate the Living Room using Money Plants

Pothos, also known as money plants, are one of the most sturdy and popular house plants. They are versatile and grow beautifully irrespective of the conditions they are in. Easily available everywhere and only for a dime, money plants are easy to take care and propagate. These lovely plants make for beautiful home decor and there is a lot that one can do with them. Here are some ways to use money plants to decorate your living room.

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As Curtains

It is one of the most unique and intriguing ways to decorate your living room. Put small pots of money plant above the entry of a door and let them grow. Slowly they will start to look like a curtain and look beautiful.

In an Aquarium

Another way to use money plant for decor is to put them in an aquarium. Adding the plant in the fish tank not only makes it look nice but also gives your fish the feeling of its natural habitat.

Wall hanging

Hang in your money plant at corners or with shelves, if any. A round pot with money plant in it gives a corner a fuller look.

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are perfect for modern home decor or houses with less space. You can add a vertical garden to your living room and grow money plant in them. It will give a very tropical vibe and become the highlight of your house.

Table Decor

It is the most basic yet pretty way to decorate any space in your living room or house in general. Place the money plant pot on the centre table or any of the side tables. You can keep these pots in a big vase, cane baskets or terracotta pots to add an ethnic touch.

In colourful bottles

Get a cutting of money plant, place it in a bottle, glass or jar and voila, you have a beautiful item to decorate that dull corner of your house.

Climb on the wall

Let the plant go loose and grow wildly on one of the walls of your living room. Since money plant is a creeper, it will slowly start to blanket the wall and soon engulf the entire space. It will add an extra zing to your home decor and make your living room the most gorgeous room in the house.

On Floor

Surround your furniture with money plant pots kept at different heights. This green corner will be what the guests will be eyeing on when they visit your house and will happily compete to sit there.