How to Create Your Own Terrace Garden?

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. - Gertrude Jekyll

Gardening is a pleasurable activity that allows one to stay close to nature. It gives people a chance to put their creativity and knowledge of plants to some good use. In old times, people used to have beautiful gardens attached to their houses where they spent their leisure time sitting, talking and relaxing. Due to urbanization and scarcity of living space, having a garden at home has become a luxury that only a very few people can afford.

Terrace Garden

In today’s modern life where space crunch is a major issue, the terrace garden is the perfect idea to bring nature to the home. A terrace garden is a garden designed or created on the rooftop of a building. The terrace is a perfect place to grow and maintain plants where they get plenty of sunshine. Anyone who wants to create a garden on the terrace can take inspiration from the terrace gardening ideas given below.

Use Grass Carpet for Flooring

It is not necessary to use marble or wooden tiles for flooring the terrace garden. The simple natural or artificial grass carpet is best to cover the floor of the terrace that will grant a beautiful look to the garden.

Hang Flowers along the Railings of the Terrace

If there isn’t enough space on the terrace, one can grow flowers in garden boxes and hang them along the railings. It will beautify the railings which otherwise go unattended and generate space to grow more plants and flowers.

Create a Vertical Garden

The vertical garden is a perfect idea to grow plants on the terrace without worrying about the space crunch. It is an advanced technique to grow plants upward on a vertically suspended panel. The vertical garden will add visual interest to the terrace, which is perfect to grow flowers or herbs in a limited space.

Use of Lighting Is a Must

Installing lights is a great way to let the terrace gardens illuminate at night. The hanging lanterns and tealight holders are portable outdoor lighting options that will make a cozy addition to garden seating. Wrapping fairy lights around plants and flowers is another great idea to add dreamy vibes to the terrace garden where one can spend some memorable moments with loved ones while relishing yummy food and good wine.

Add Colorful Pots & Planters

Growing plants in pots and planters make it easy to manage and maintain terrace gardens. Use pots and planters available in pastel shades and attractive shapes. The interesting arrangement of colorful pots will add some more colors to the rooftop garden apart from green.

Choose the Right Furniture

The whole idea behind having a rooftop garden in India is to add greenery and create an appropriate space for seating. Therefore, furniture plays an important role in the terrace garden. Make sure to choose the furniture that goes with the style and theme of the garden and makes lounging more fun.

Create Raised Beds

Creating raised beds adjacent to the walls of the terrace is a great idea to grow small trees and tall shrubs. In these raised beds, one can easily grow, prune, trim and maintain plants on a daily basis. These beds should have waterproofing membrane and root barrier that block roots and prevent any sort of damage to the roof.

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