How to Care For a Lucky Bamboo Plant

As per sentiments and beliefs of many people, the bamboo plant is considered to be a lucky element. People in Taiwan and in China believe that a lucky bamboo plant in the office or at home can help you to attract a better index of luck and well being.

Looking for a perfect bamboo plant for your home or office can be one of the trickiest things to do. Growing and taking care of a Lucky Bamboo Plant can release your stress and relax you in a super simple manner.

Tips to Look after a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Let us take a look at some of the tips that can help you to grow a healthier lucky bamboo plant:

  • You have to be extremely cautious of the sapling that you buy as it is elemental and therefore, the nursery should be selected carefully. Buying it from a local place will make you start from an erroneous beginning point. It is always best that you get your plant saplings from reputed nurseries. When you buy a sapling, you must be sure of the color. If the sapling is a nice green color, then the plant will be a healthy one. If the color of the stem is a feeble green one or one with a yellow tinge, then the same can mean trouble. Looking after a bamboo plant is easy. But if the quality of the sapling is bad, then the whole work becomes a lot more difficult.
  • You must be sure of the kind of water level that is maintained for the plant. The bamboo plant has to be watered in a sparing condition. However, if the watering is not of the adequate level, then the plant can develop bacteria. Generally, a lucky bamboo plant has no fragrance. But if it develops bacteria then the plant can emit a kind of foul stink.
  • It is elemental that you must use a pot or a bowl that is two inches more in circumference than the circumference of the bamboo stem. This helps the plant to grow in a proper manner.
  • The bamboo plant requires sunlight for proper growth. But overexposing it to the sunlight can mean great trouble for the plant. Hence, you must shade the plant from scorching sunlight, which can be achieved by placing the plant careful in the sunshine.
  • You must use a light fertilizer at regular intervals so that the plant can grow in a proper way. This is one of the aspects that will help the plant to be healthy.
  • You must also be sure of the kind of soil that you are potting the plant. If it is rich in organic fertilizers, then that is the best choice for your plant. This is something that must be followed for the lucky bamboo plants placed inside the house.
  • The lucky bamboo plant could be a symbol of your artsy nature. There is simply no better joy than seeing your lucky plant grow into a full-scale marvel. This is definitely possible, just by following the above-mentioned tips.