How is Father's Day Celebrated?

Father’s Day is celebrated (on the third Sunday) in June every year. It is a day when dads are celebrated for the important role that they play in our lives. Though Father’s Day did not originate in India, but it is celebrated with great joy & excitement here. The internet is flooded with various types of Father’s Day messages, images, memes and so much more. Everyone loves to put selfies with dad and a lot of surprises are arranged for dad. Though there are no set rules to celebrate Father’s Day, you can take inspiration from the following ways to celebrate Father’s Day

Personalised Wishes

Dads are great when it comes to creating memories! Whether it is planning a trip or playing soccer in the rain, Dads help us make countless priceless moments. Get your and his favourite moments on a personalised gift and surprise him!

Plan a Road Trip with Dad

Give a break to dad from his hectic daily life and take him on a weekend road trip. This will help you bond with dad and spend some quality time with him.

Create Memories

Find out what dad loves the most and plan a day for him so that he gets to do his favourite things. Whether it is gardening, playing music, painting or anything else, he is going to love it for sure.

Bake a Cake

How about surprising dad with his favourite cake or dessert made by you at midnight? Just when he is least expecting it, march in his room, with candles and music and celebrate Father’s Day.

Cool Accessories

Dads love accessories and can never have enough ties, cufflinks, perfumes etc. Create a nice hamper for him and put all the things that he loves the most. You can also include branded grooming kits, wallet, office planner etc. in the hamper and he will surely be happy seeing a thoughtful gift.

Plan a Party

Call his buddies and plan a surprise party for Dad. Food, drinks and games with his best buddies will make him super happy.