Housewarming Party Decorations Using Personalised Gifts

It is always a great feeling to be at home because it is the place where love and peace blooms. Home works as a filter to eliminate stress and sadness and fill one’s mind with happiness. Everyone builds or buys a home with all these thoughts. And housewarming is an event that is hosted by the owner of the house to seek blessings of the friends, relatives, and neighbours so that he/she can lead a peaceful life in that new home.

Decorations Using Personalised Gifts

Like all other happy events, décor plays an important role during this one too. Many home décor ideas can be employed to make the new home look like heaven but nothing can match the beauty and appeal of personalised gifts.

Why Personalised Gifts Should Be Used In Housewarming Party Décor?

  • Personalised gifts reflect the personality of the owner.
  • The guests feel the warmth of love that floats in this family.
  • Décor ideas with personalised gift show the depth of love flowing in a family and how beautifully they are rooted in each other.
  • It is easier to tell stories about incidents and people of the family when pictures or names are displayed all over the party.
  • The personalised gifts home décor gives a sneak peek into one’s life and suddenly they become interesting to unknown neighbours. That’s where new friendship starts.

Here are some unique housewarming party ideas using personalised gifts:

Personalised Nameplate: Personalised Nameplate

A nameplate is the first thing while one is thinking to decorate the house with personalised gifts. It can be either metal or wooden where the family name should be engraved. To make this nameplate look attractive, one can add glittering lights around it.

Photo frame: Photo frame:

The times spent while growing up, those adventurous trips, that first bicycle ride, or that first meal ever made by the kids – many such adorable moments must have been captured in a camera. So, one can make personalised photo frames to showcase those memories. These photo frames can be hung on the drawing room or living room wall with pride. These photographs will talk about the sweet bond everyone shares in that home.

Fridge Magnet: Fridge Magnet

Those who come to the housewarming party makes a point to roam all around the new house. And that’s why every room and every corner of the new home should shine brightly. The refrigerator can be decorated with personalised fridge magnets. One can also glue the kids first sketch on the fridge.

Chopping Board: Chopping Board

A personalised chopping board can be used later inside the kitchen to chop favourite vegetables and relish amazing dishes. But for the housewarming party, one can hang that personalised chopping board from the kitchen wall or at the kitchen door. This will surely let the world know how cool and creative the family is.

Photo Lamp: Photo Lamp

A photo lamp can be kept on the side table or at the balcony. This will glow brightly oozing out a lovely, romantic, and positive vibe. Moreover, it will also prove how well connected the members of the family are to each other. Each one becomes a light for the other one.

Personalised Balloons: Personalised Balloons

Right at the entrance of the home, these colourful and joyful personalised balloons can be used that will let the whole world know about this happy event. If there is a well-maintained garden in front of the new house, then, the balloons can be tied on the branch of a tree or else it can tied to the front gate.

Personalised Mugs: Personalised Mugs

Use of personalised mugs to form a family pyramid would be a great idea indeed. One can recreate a family tree this way. The oldest members of the family would get the base positions while the youngest one would be placed at the top. This display can be kept for a shelf that will surely attract many eyeballs. Plus, everyone in that family can enjoy their favourite drinks in their personalised mugs.