Feng Shui Ideas to Fill Your Office Space With Positive Vibes

What is Fen Shui?

Essentially the Chinese words ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ translate to ‘wind’ and ‘water’. It talks about the concept of humans and their connectedness to things surrounding them in a particular environment. It urges people to arrange surrounding stuff in a way that establishes harmony using the forces of nature.

In this article, we will explore how people can Feng Shui more calmness into their lives by sorting out their office surroundings.

Feng Shui Ideas to Fill Your Office Space With Positive Vibes

Let More Light in The Rooms

Letting the light in through the doors is of utmost importance in Feng Shui. While choosing a commercial room for an office, make sure that the entrances allow for enough light to pass during the daytime. According to ancient Chinese principles, it attracts positive energy and makes the office a better place to work from.

Place More Mirrors

It is believed that placing more mirrors over business-important aspects of the room/space would bring more prosperity. It’s one of the important Feng Shui decor items and can be placed over safes and cash registers.

Add Room Accessories

If the office space is one without a view, there is a very basic need for people to concentrate on colours and things that are different from the usual monochromes. Adding a few accessories to the room might help employees focus more and spread positivity. Feng Shui plants are a huge rage. Money plants, peace lily, snake plant, Chinese Banyan tree are some of the examples. Another common example of a lucky plant is the lucky bamboo. It’s a symbol of good fortune and is believed to foster harmony between the water, fire, earth, wood and metal elements.

Allow Personalisation

Personalisation allows for a constant reminder that a particular space/corner is somebody’s little comfortable space. Therefore, all employees must make their personal space their own by putting up their favourites books, picture frames, good luck plants and so on.

Allow Personalisation

Decluttering will allow for more space and a more peaceful environment. It will also allow for proper stimulation of people’s thought processes. For example, moving all the art pieces from one wall and distributing them around the room can help focus universally around the room and spread positive vibes. Another example would be to clear one’s desk and only keep things that are used daily.

Choose The Furniture Wisely

Office furniture and its wobbly alignment to one’s body can sometimes derail good work and, in due time, good money for the organisation. Uncomfortable furniture must be replaced with good and sturdy wooden ones, especially the desks. Also, make it a point to stretch the seating and try new positions once in a while.