Difference Between Truffles and Chocolates

If you have a sweet tooth, then chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, truffles, dark chocolate bars and hot cocoa should certainly be your comfort food. Both truffles and chocolates are preferred options for many of us sweet lovers. However, there are some differences between them, which you might like to know.

  • The definition: Chocolate truffles are a dessert that originated in early Europe. They are purely made of chocolate based cream named ganache along with some kind of coatings. This coating might be in the form of dark chocolate, cocoa powder, milk or some sort of confection. They are prepared shaping as imperfect balls and are very popular as gifts for all kind of occasions. Classic chocolate truffles contain different flavors of creams, liqueur, chocolate ganache, nougats, and caramel. Else marshmallow, fruit, fudge and chocolate chips are also included.
  • The chocolate is made of the bean from the cacao tree. These beans are harvested and prepared into a dark brown creamy substance that is used for all kinds of baking and cooking. Mexico stands with little difference as chocolates are cooked with other ingredients and end up with making sauce which is meant to serve over chicken. Don’t wonder as in Italy you would get chocolate sauce served on the pasta dishes. Else cakes, cookies, brownies, candy bars and other favourite sweet treats are also made from chocolates.

  • The shape: The chocolate truffles always come in round shape either round or oval. It might not be a perfect round shape but the truffles never come in other shapes such as cube, rectangle and always come in round shapes. The balls are often wrapped in chocolate caramel or in chocolate chips. Due to owning good look truffles are often in high demand to be packed as gifts.
  • But the chocolate has no fixed structure. It can come in every shape. If you are planning to gift a chocolate box to your girl you can choose heart-shaped chocolates or else you can go for long dark chocolate bars. As explained above truffles are a typical type of chocolate but the chocolate is merely the flavor. There are very little differences and huge similarities between truffles and chocolates. The one who dies for truffles would definitely love chocolates but the one who is blindly in love with chocolates may not like truffles.

  • Gift purpose: The truffles generally come with no hardiness inside the ball but provide you a creamy filling whereas the chocolates and especially the dark chocolates are often too hard to crack in just one bite. If you are about to gift chocolates to your grandparents or to some little babies, then truffles would be best to gift. People often lose their teeth strength in their old age and thus they find it difficult to crack the hard chocolates. Same happens with the babies. They fail to chew the solid bars with their new teeth so if you are planning to gift chocolates to the senior most as well as to the junior most members then it should be the truffles.