Do You Know The Difference Between A Flower Bouquet And A Bunch?

There are perhaps more than 400,000 flowering plants in the world. And only a limited few are used in the floral industry. Flowers, since times immemorial, have been used as a thoughtful gift and the custom continues till today. A single stalk of flower or a bunch of numerous flowers – a floral gift seems to impress everyone. On a variety of special events like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. flowers are largely used both as décor item and gift. When one is unsure of what to take along while visiting someone’s house, flowers come to rescue. No occasion is too big or small that flowers can’t be a part of them. Such is the widespread use and importance of flowers.

Flower Bouquet And A Bunch

Be it a local florist shop or an online flower store – one will come across various terms like “flower bunch”, “flower bouquets”, “flower arrangements”, etc. But the difference between them is hardly known to anyone. This article is aimed at clearing the difference between the two most types of flower arrangements –a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of flowers. Any presentation of flower can be termed as a flower arrangement and bouquets and bunches fall under it.

Flower Bouquet Vs Flower Bunches

  1. Broadly speaking, a flower bouquet is a beautiful and artistic arrangement of flowers by the size, colour, and variety while a flower bunch is made of randomly chosen flowers, and lacks a particular symmetry of artistic arrangements. Basically, in a bouquet, one will find art and creativity while a flower bunch is more rustic in tone.
  2. Some florists also say that both - flower bouquets and bunches are almost the same things. A bunch of flowers is simply the loose gathering of fresh flowers while a bouquet is a more careful gathering of flowers that are often wrapped in paper & tied with a ribbon.
  3. Flower Bunches

    Flower Bunch

  4. Generally, bouquets are also a mix of flowers and foliage or fillers. These flower bouquets are then structured keeping specific colour coordination and creative designs in mind so that they look great. There is no such presence of foliage or fillers in a bunch. A bunch also doesn't follow any colour coordination.
  5. There are also structural differences between bunches and bouquets. In a bouquet of flowers, the flower buds or heads are at one level and the stems are of the same length. And the foliage and thorns are also removed in bouquets. The flower bunches do not have such structural arrangements.
  6. The flower stems are placed in a flower bouquet creating a "spiralling" look. This makes a bouquet form a dome shape so that it can be displayed beautifully in a vase. In bunches, the flower stems are just gathered and tied without following any particular look.
  7. Flower Bouquet

    Flower Bouquet

  8. A flower bunch can be made easily at home while a bouquet of flowers requires special training to learn the skills of cutting flowers, leaves, or buds at various angles.
  9. Last but not least, a flower bunch costs less while flower bouquets are expensive than bunches.

Be it a bunch of flowers or a bouquet of flowers – the end result is always happiness. In rustic tone or in a designer tone – both these flower arrangements are aimed at enhancing love, romance, peace, and harmony among people.