Did you know you have 30 Basic Human Rights

UDHR or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone achieved in the world of human rights. Various dignitaries across the world belonging to various cultural backgrounds worked to list these important human rights which were proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10th December 1948. It is translated in 500 languages and says that these rights cannot be snatched by anyone.

Did you know you have 30 Basic Human Rights

Human rights are important to people so that every individual can feel powerful and lead a life to satisfy the basic needs like food, housing, education, etc. There should be no inequality or division among people and these rights empower one to protect the self.

Not one but there are 30 Basic Human Rights that everyone should know to lead a better life.

What are these 30 Basic Human Rights?

  • We Are All Born Free & Equal: It means that everyone is born free and possess their own ideas and thoughts and that’s why everyone should be treated in the same way.
  • Don’t Discriminate: The basic human rights fall in the periphery of every individual and thus discrimination should not be created.
  • The Right to Life: Everyone has a right to live life with freedom and safety.
  • No Slavery: There is no window for slavery at all. No one can make anyone a slave.
  • No Torture: Nobody has any right to hurt or torture anyone.
  • You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go: All these human rights have no expiry date anywhere in the world. Be it India or the USA – these rights remain the same.
  • We’re All Equal Before the Law: Law is always same for everyone and that’s why law must treat everyone equally.
  • Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law: In case one feels that the basic human rights are violated then one can take help of the law and expect a fair treatment.
  • No Unfair Detainment: Nobody has the right to put anyone in prison without good reason and keep a person in there, or to send that person away from the country.
  • The Right to Trial: If anyone is put on trial this should be in public.
  • We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty: Until and unless something is proved one cannot blame a person of being guilty.
  • The Right to Privacy: Everyone has a right to privacy and that should not be violated. One cannot enter a home without permission, open and read a closed letter, etc.
  • Freedom to Move: Everyone has a right to go wherever they want in their own country and to travel as they wish.
  • The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live: If someone is frightened of being badly treated in their own country, they all have the right to run away to some other country just to be safe.
  • Right to a Nationality: Everyone has a right to belong to a certain country.
  • Marriage and Family: Each adult citizen of this world has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. It applies both to men and women- and also when they are married or when separated.
  • The Right to Your Own Things: Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take those things away without a good reason.
  • Freedom of Thought: Everyone has a right to believe in what they want to believe, to have a religion, or to change it if they want.
  • Freedom of Expression: There is a right to make up the minds, to think what one likes, to say what they think, and to share their ideas with other people.
  • The Right to Public Assembly: Everyone has a right to meet their friends and to work together in peace to defend their rights. Nobody can force someone to join a group if someone doesn’t want to.
  • The Right to Democracy: Every citizen of this world has the right to take part in the government of their country. Every grown-up should be allowed to choose their own leaders.
  • Social Security: Everyone has the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, and childcare, enough money to live on and medical help when ill or old.
  • Workers’ Rights: Every grown-up has the right to do a job, demand a fair wage for their work, and to join a trade union.
  • The Right to Play: Every citizen has the right to rest from work and to relax.
  • Food and Shelter for All: There is a right to lead a good life and that applies for all from moms or kids, unemployed or disabled- everyone has the right to be cared for.
  • The Right to Education: Education is a basic human right and that’s why primary school should be free.
  • Copyright: Copyright is a special law that protects one’s own artistic creations and writings. Apart from the creator or artist no one can claim them or copy them without their permission.
  • A Fair and Free World: There must be proper order so that everyone can enjoy rights and freedoms in their own countries and all over the world.
  • Responsibility: Everyone has a duty towards other people and everyone should be responsible enough to protect each other’s’ rights.
  • No one can take away all these above mentioned rights and this is the most important human right.