Best Milestone Birthday Gifts

Although all birthdays are special, some are more significant than the other. Birthdays like the 18th, 25th, 50th and so on mark significant milestones in our lives and are representative of all the trials and tribulations that we went through to get to that point in our lives. If someone close to you has a milestone birthday coming up, and you have no idea what to give them, you're in luck, because here we have for you some very effective milestone birthday gift ideas.

milestone birthdays

The 18th birthday is the first important milestone birthday we come across. It's the time that we start stepping into adulthood. For this birthday, you can get items like headphones, cameras, video game consoles and the like. If the birthday person is not interested in any of the aforementioned things, you can just ask them what they want or take them out on a shopping spree. You can also give them the cash to get what they want, but that will be taking the easy way out.

Turning 21 means that you are now officially an adult and most adults at this age are in college or university and are struggling with money. Gift cards will come in handy for them, or something that they really need- like a new laptop or some expensive reference books. If one of your friends is turning 21, throw them a special party with alcohol, but remember to not go overboard. For your sibling, son or daughter who's turning 21, you can get something classy, like a couture watch or some jewelry.

At 30, you have probably settled down, found a partner for life and have started a family. There are two emotions that can hit you on your 30th birthday- either sadness at being too old or happiness at being not old enough. Whatever it might be, there are plenty of gifts you can get for your favorite person who is turning 30. A good-looking household adornment, a funny or romantic novel, a personalized CD, or an appointment at a spa- all these gifts will work wonders on their special day.

The 40th birthday holds immense importance, biblically speaking. This age marks the beginning of a new period in a person’s life. So, it is the perfect time to present them with an opportunity to do something that they have always wanted to do, but have never done before, like scuba diving, or riding a horse. Conventional presents work fine as well, but make sure that it is something that the person can actually use.

50 years of age is a tricky phase since it is the time all the mid-life crises sets in. BUT, you are now an experienced individual with half a century’s worth of knowledge under your sleeve. You have a lot of life left in you, and it is time you lived it with gusto. Although many new 50-year-olds shy away from a birthday celebration, they need to be reminded that they are very special. The best 50th birthday gift would be spending time with loved ones since at this age, friends and family start drifting apart. A small family vacation would be perfect in this case. If your spouse is turning 50, a gift that would make them feel younger and more relaxed would be a good idea.

Incidentally, any birthday can be a milestone one depending on the circumstances. For example, if it’s your first birthday after a promotion, or your marriage, or your first baby, it will be a milestone birthday. These gift ideas will work perfectly in these scenarios as well.