All About the Rakhi Bel Plant

Krishna Kamal or Passiflora incarnata or Rakhi Bel Plant is a perpetual climber that spreads voluminously and thus makes a beautiful ornamental plant. It grows gorgeous white blossoms with crowns of pink, blue or purple calyx and hence looks great anywhere it is put. Its woody stems with rings grow up to 15 to 20 metres. The plant is mind-boggling and is a popular choice for both houses and gardens. Now that the plant has triggered your interest, here’s a pocket guide to get you more acquainted with it.

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Origin & Importance

Though the plant is native to South America, its roots trace back to both Hindu and Christian mythologies. In Christianity, the plant represents the suffering of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. When you look closely at the corona of the flower, it looks similar to the crown of thorns worn by him.

On the other hand, the plant holds high significance in Mahabharata. There, the five yellow petals of this plant represent the Pandavas, the hundreds of tiny blue filaments around it, sons of Dhritarashtra, i.e. Kauravas and the corona of the flower portrays Draupadi. There are three threads at the centre that symbolises the holy trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. And then there are yellow stamens that represent Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra.

In Japan, as the flower has twelve petals and a central stamen that depicts a time-piece, it is also known as ‘Clock Plant’.

How to Grow a Rakhi Bel Plant?

If you are curious about growing this alluring plant, here is how to grow the vine of this passionflower-

Light Requirement: Keep this plant sunkissed for it will thrive in abundant sunlight only. Make sure you provide it with at least 4 - 5 hours of morning sunlight. If it gets too hot, keep them in the spot that receives partial sunlight.

Water Requirement: Give the Rakhi Bel moderate watering. This plant doesn’t handle drought well, so watering twice a week is enough.

Temperature Requirement: The ideal temperature for the Rakhi Bel plant to prosper is from 15 to 24°C.

Soil Requirement: Make sure the soil stays moist and well-drained.