10 Interesting Things That You Did Not Know About Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is one of the major festivals in India celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal in India and Madhesh region of Nepal. The word chhath refers to the number six in Hindi, Maithili, and local dialects of the regions where it is celebrated. This word chhath is a Prakrit derivative from the Sanskrit Shashti. This ancient Hindu Vedic festival is celebrated on the 6th day of Kartika (month as per Hindu lunar calendar). Chhath Puja is celebrated to pay respect to Sun for conferring the bounties of life on earth. There are many such interesting lesser-known facts or things about Chhath Puja that are mentioned below:

10 Interesting Things that you did not know about Chhath Puja

Interesting Chhath Puja Facts To Know

  1. Not once but Chhath Puja is celebrated twice a year. Once just before the onset of sultry summer i.e., a few days after Holi and the other one just before the start of winter in October-November.
  2. Chhath is the only Vedic Festival in the Hindu religion. It is dedicated to the Sun known or Chhathi Maiya (Vedic Goddess Usha).
  3. It is perhaps the oldest Hindu festival that is celebrated till today. The reason to celebrate this festival also has a great significance. It is believed that during sunrise and sunset the human body can safely absorb the positive solar energies. Science explains it further saying that the rays of the sun during sunrise and sunset are least harmful as it has least ultraviolet radiations then. There was mention of Chhath Puja in Mahabharata also where Draupadi was depicted as observing similar rites.
  4. Once a family starts to celebrate Chhath Puja, it cannot be stopped and has to be continued for all the coming generations. The exceptions can be severe illness or death in the family.
  5. Perhaps it is the only festival in the Hindu religion that doesn’t require any priest or pandit Ji to sanctify the ceremony.
  6. Purity is the core word of this festival. The devotees that’s why need to take the holy bath in the nearby pond or river. This is then followed by a period of abstinence or self-restraint who stays away from the family for four days and fasts. This person who follows the rules of this festival strictly is known as Vrati who sleeps on the floor for four days and is believed as a pure spirit.
  7. Like all other festivals, this one is also about rituals and traditions. But one draws immense mental calmness too by following the rituals of this festival. It detoxifies the mind and body both, reduces anger among people, kills negative emotions like jealousy or hatred, and multiplies the immunity.
  8. Do you know that observance of chhath puja rituals helps in slowing down the signs of ageing?
  9. It is not only India where one gets to see this worshipping of Sun God who is the nurturer of life on earth. In many other cultures and civilizations also Sun God is worshipped or thanked. In the ancient Egyptian & Babylonian civilizations or countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, Fiji, etc. the same kind of festival is celebrated.
  10. Those who are Vratis or follow the rituals intensely witness a changed body functioning during those 4 days of this festival. It is believed that this festival helps in building a strong intuition and telepathy among people. Furthermore, worshipping Sun is also believed to treat many ailments like leprosy, and also assures longevity among people.