How to Use Edible Flowers?

Edible flowers can be spotted everywhere. From delicious cake to fresh salads, they are present on all things. Their versatility has made them quite famous in recent years. Flowers in general make all things beautiful just by their presence. And, when it comes to edible flowers they add an irresistible flavour and makes everything look aesthetically pleasing. With their vibrant colours, they can brighten up the most boring looking drink or dish. Won't you agree? If you do, then here are some pretty simple but impressive and different ways to use edible flowers that you must scroll through!

How to Use Edible Flowers

Cakes, Cookies & More

You can decorate the top layer of a sumptuous cake with colourful flowers and make it look more presentable. While cutting the slices you can even serve the top layer as the flowers are edible. You can even add flowers to the cookie dough or on top of them while baking. You can pick roses, calendulas, tulips, chrysanthemums, and lavender.


Make your salad mouth-watering by adding taste along with colours that will make it tempting and enhance the fragrance.


Today, the presentation of cocktails is as important as the taste. Pick your favourite edible flowers and add them with ice inside your cocktail to nail the overall look. You can even add the flowers to the ice tray and add the ice cubes that have flowers to your drinks.

Ice Cream & Popsicles

You can add real rose petals to your vanilla ice cream and prepare a flavoursome blend that no one can resist. Similarly, you can add flowers to make your popsicles look more appealing.


Tea refreshes us from within. Make it soothing by enriching it with colourful flowers that taste amazing. Try Jasmine tea or lavender tea and it will surely calm you down.