Reliving The Colorful Days

Imagine the day starting wearing your oldest clothes that too without taking bath, stepping out with a basket full of colored water in one hand and pichkari (water gun) in the other. Yes, you are guessing it right, I am talking about one of the famous Indian festivals, Holi.

Holi, popularly known as the Festival of color, celebrates the arrival of spring in the most colorful way, loved by one and all. From two years old kid to forty years old, everyone enjoys this day in its own way.

Holi being around the corner compelled me to take a walk down memory lane when I used to have a whale of a time, in just one day. Our celebrations usually started one or two weeks before by hitting balloons on random people and then hiding so that they could not complain our parents.

The pre-Holi preparations started with buying the latest pichkari in the market to show off in front of our friends and so-called rivals. I still remember the enticing fragrance when my mom used to make tasty holi sweets for the entire family, neighborhood, friends and friends of those friends. That is how this festival was celebrated by creating more and more cheerful faces around.

On the day of Holi celebration , my sister and I used to wake up early, just to fill up the balloons with colored water and to be ready for the attack and win the battle. Our war started by hitting balloons on the children from neighborhood and then slowly forming one large battalion to attack others whosoever entered our territory.

We used to enter our home only when we could not find any person to be our target. Drenched in water and color, our mother did not let us take rest until we took bath and wore dry and cleaned clothes. And, then came the delicious Holi meal which varied from chhole, kachori and papad to puri bhaji, samosas and of course gujiyas. That day used to end with unlimited laughter, silly games and a lot of fun.

That was how I used to celebrate the favorite occasion of almost every Indian. You can also share your childhood memories or any interesting chapter from the book of your life related to the festival of fun, colors and food, the vibrant festival of Holi.

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