7 Ways In Which You Can Play Holi With Her

The most colourful festival of India, holi gives an opportunity to indulge in unadulterated fun. It is one festival where everyone comes together to sprinkle colored powder or coloured water on each other. This vibrant festival knows no age, cast, color or creed only unlimited fun and celebration.

While people say this festival is all about friends, do you think it will be the same without women? Let us see 7 ways in which people play holi and how fun it is to play with her.

1. Gulal wali holi- Also known as dry holi, gulal wali holi is the most commonly played holi. Vibrant colours are thrown at each other. It is particularly more fun for men for they get to playfully put colours on women.

2. Phoolon wali holi- It is the most beautifully played holi. Flower petals are showered and people dance to the beats of drums. Men dress as Krishna and women as Radha, as they dance around and throw flower petals on one another.

3. Pani wali holi- Throw a bucket full of colourful water on people and see them go crazy. Better still put colours in a bucket of water, use water guns (pichkaris) and shoot the coloured water. Isn’t it simply fun to run around aiming her?

4. Lath mar wali holi- A very special form of holi which has it’s routes in the Indian tradition. Here men sing songs to invite the attention of women. Women on the other hand keep men at bay using long sticks or lathis.

5. Gubaron wali holi- This kind of holi starts a week or sometimes ten days before holi. Though this holi does not have any relevance in the hindu tradition, it’s simply super fun. Here people aim and throw water balloons on passerby. This is also the only time she wouldn’t mind being hit with water balloons.

6. Kichad wali holi- Only if there was a better way to define this! Mostly played by the youngsters, this is the most messy way of playing holi. Rotten eggs, tomatoes, mud, you play holi with whatever you find.

7. Bollywood wali holi- The glamorous holi! You have a theme, rain dance, abundance of colours and of course the DJ. Inspired by the bollywood style, here men and women come together holi celebration while dancing to the beats of latest bollywood hits.

This holi tell all the special women why exactly this holi wouldn’t be the same without her. It is the only time you can smear colours on the special ladies and not get yelled at. Whatever the way you choose for playing holi, it is the women who put colours to it. Go colourful, go crazy with her for you know it won’t be the same without her. Holi gifts are the major part of this festival among flowers, cakes, apparels, holi colours and sweets.

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