Top Holi Snacks to Spice Up your Holi House Party

Holi Homemade Snacks

As Holi is approaching with the speed of light, it is high time to pull up your socks and plan for a joyous celebration which is all about good music, laughter and Holi snacks, of course. Whether you are planning to host a huge Holi party or just an intimate get-together, no celebration is complete without Holi sweets and snacks. So, let’s list out some of the easy Holi snacks that you must add to your celebrations and satiate your and your loved ones’ taste buds.


Indian Fryums

Start your Holi celebration with these crunchy and addictive snacks. These vibrant bite-sized snacks come in various shapes, sizes and flavours. You can choose to serve them with different types of chutneys and creamy dips to leave your guests yearning for more.

Dhokla with Green Chilli

Dhokla with Green Chutney

Match up with the occasion by adding dhokla to your menu and top them with green chillies. This savoury steamed cake is made from fermented batter and is loved by many owing to its fluffy texture and amazing taste. You can also add them along with other Holi gifts to give to your guests and make the occasion memorable.

Potato Fritters

Potato Fritters

Evergreen and classic are golden-brown potato fritters. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, this snack can be seasoned with different types of spices as per everyone’s taste. Serve them with a hot cup of tea or any other beverage and let your guests enjoy satiating their taste buds.


Namakpare for holi

Namakpare, also known as savoury biscuits are a classic Holi snack that everyone likes. These crispy, bite-sized snacks come in various flavours like ajwain, black pepper etc. These are absolutely perfect for munching throughout the day!

Bhel Puri


Light and addictive, serve a big bowl of bhel puri to your guests at the Holi party and watch them go crazy over this iconic street food snack. Featuring a mix of sev, puffed rice, chopped veggies, chutneys and spices is a perfect medley of various flavours.

Methi Suwali

Methi Suawali

Crisp and yummy, these methi-flavoured suwali are one of the best snacks for your Holi party. Paired with a hot cup or a glass of thandai, adding them will bring elegance to your festivities. A tasty snack for people of all ages, it is a must-have for joyful festivities.

Masala Peanuts

Masala Peanuts for Holi

Roasted crunchy peanuts seasoned with a mix of spices go really well with all types of Holi drinks. They are simply one of the most addictive snacks for munching. The best part is you can have them any time of the day; while playing Holi or even when you are chilling at home watching your favourite movie.


Chivda for holi

Nuts, fried lentils, spices and whatnot, chivda is a crispy snack that is loved by most people. Perfect for munching throughout the day, we bet your Holi celebration will be incomplete without this savoury snack.


Samosa for Holi

Filled with peas and spiced potatoes, these fried golden-brown snacks are a true love of a lot of people. Paired best with a hot cup of tea, this beloved Holi snack never fails to impress people. Make sure you order extra in advance, as they are sure to disappear in no time. Serve them with mint sauce for an extra touch of flavour.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada

Along with all the spicy, crunchy snacks, consider Dahi vada to cool off the Holi celebration. These will balance the spiciness of other Holi snacks and give you a satisfying burst of freshness.

So, with all these mouth-watering Holi snacks, you will be all set to welcome your guests and be a perfect host. Now, make a list of your close ones, invite them and let the festivities begin. Hope you have an outstanding celebration. Happy Holi!

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