7 Signs you have Lovesickness

7 Signs you have Lovesickness

Are you familiar with the word ‘lovesickness’? You may have heard it and even experienced it. But, is it a positive term or a negative one? The truth is that it has two connotations. The first one is all about those butterflies in the stomach while you see your crush or the permanent smile on your face when you have just entered a beautiful relationship. The second and the negative part of it is obsessing over the person or feeling anxious over the thought of losing them. There is a thin line between both sides of lovesickness, and crossing it may lead to serious issues. Can you relate to either and want to know more? Then check out our list of signs that establish that you have either kind of lovesickness!

Mood Swings

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While you are in the crush phase or the first stage of a relationship, you may experience mood swings. Sometimes you become extremely happy by their gestures like when they surprise you with a gift or pass a smile towards you. On the other hand, if they ignored you, you may end up being sad. Initially, this pattern is completely justified, but once the little things start affecting you and making you angry or irritated throughout the day, then it is certainly crossing the line.


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Insomnia due to thinking about your crush or talking to your partner the whole night doesn’t cause any issues and is a sign of positive lovesickness. On the contrary, if you just can’t sleep for the past 3 to 4 months and keep making scenarios that involve them even after getting rejected, then it is a sign of negative lovesickness!

Eating too Much or Not at All

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Have you recently started talking to your crush? Then not eating or eating too much is simply a sign of being lovesick in a joyful way. But, if they are ignoring you or the thought of not having them as your partner has made you lose your appetite, then it is time to start working on yourself as the gloomy side of lovesickness will soon make things worse.

Too Much Stalking

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Too much stalking is a clear sign of the negative connotation of lovesickness. All of us initially stalk our potential partners, but stretching after being in a relationship for 6 months or more or stalking your crush who has no interest in you, states that you are experiencing extreme lovesickness.

Restlessness & Anxiety

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Being restless and anxious about the whereabouts or behaviour of your crush partner is acceptable in the beginning. But, if you just can’t trust them and feel anxious while you are not with them, then you are going through the bad side of lovesickness. Furthermore, if you haven’t even had a conversation with your crush and you still feel anxious and restless all the time, it’s time to stop being lovesick as it may cause obsessive behaviour.

Insecurity & Jealousy

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Insecurity and jealousy are a part of our dating life. And, getting a little jealous or insecure is the healthy kind of lovesickness. But, doing it over and over or being insecure about someone who is not even your partner is a sign of negative lovesickness.

Overthinking & Overanalyzing

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Some people are overthinkers, and when they enter a relationship or like someone, they always end up analysing things. But, if you know where to draw the line, then you aren’t love-sick. On the other hand, if you are obsessed with a person or your partner and keep analysing what they say and do 24*7, then you seriously need to stop doing that. For example, if they got you a bunch of flowers and you start thinking that they may be doing so for everyone, then it is a sign that you are jealous of things that don’t even exist in the present, and you are head over heels for the person or are hit by the love sickness bug.

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