Find out if you are in a Co-dependent or an Interdependent Relationship

Find out if you are in a Co-dependent or an Interdependent Relationship

Are you in a codependent or interdependent relationship? According to our relationship experts, a happy relationship is one in which partners draw a balance between being dependent on each other and living their separate lives independently. Hence, being interdependent is the key. And, there are a few signs through which you can find out what type of relationship you have. Get ready to take a relationship check and then work on being interdependent so that you may live happily with each other forever and ever!


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A co-dependent relationship is one where there is no place for independence. Normally, one partner is always dependent on the other and stops living their individual life. This may lead to stress as the dependent partner starts expecting more, and the other one feels all the pressure. If your partner and you have individual lives and are equally dependent on each other, then it is an interdependent relationship.


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Are you the one who always apologises after a fight and wants your partner back? Then it is the biggest sign of being in a codependent relationship. You are completely dependent on them and feel accountable for all your mistakes. On the other hand, if both of you take equal responsibility for mistakes and try to resolve fights together, then you are perfect for each other.


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Do you make all the efforts and pamper your partner with gifts or loving gestures? Does your partner always end up hurting you by flirting with other people? If it is a nod for both, then it is a co-dependent relationship as only you are devoted to your partner. He or she is not concerned about you, and devotion is something they don’t know anything about. On the contrary, in an interdependent relationship, there is equal pampering and loyalty is a virtue that both of you believe in.


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A relationship where both partners equally prioritise each other is an interdependent one. Furthermore, if you are the one who always sacrifices your plans and wishes for keeping your partner happy, it is a clear sign that you should work on turning your co-dependent partnership into an interdependent one.


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Does your partner believe that the whole world revolves around them and even you should? Is he or she the decision maker at all times? If it is a yes, then you already know the answer. It is time for you to take a stand for yourself and work towards being interdependent or just leave the relationship as you deserve better!

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