Know all About the 6 Stages of a Relationship

Know all About the 6 Stages of a Relationship

Happily ever after is not a fairytale. Each romantic relationship goes through cheerful and sad moments and evolves beautifully into a forever tale. From the day people start opening up about their relationship issues, solving problems becomes easier. How? All relationships have their struggles, and we learn something from the shared experiences. If you are someone who recently fell head over heels in love and is wondering whether your bond will last or not, then it’s time you acquaint yourself with the stages of a relationship. Knowing about these stages will help you in passing the hard times easier and lead you towards your own Happily ever after!

Stage 1: Infatuation

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In the first stage, you are hit by the cupid’s arrow, and even their slightest gesture makes you go crazy. You start obsessing about each other, surprising each other with gifts and gestures, and spend all the time with each other.

Stage 2: Getting to Know Each Other

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Now, it’s time to take down the rose-tinted glasses and to learn about each other’s flaws. Mostly, couples can’t survive the second stage and end up going their separate ways as they are not able to accept each other’s personalities.

Stage 3: Accepting Flaws & Coexisting

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If you are lucky enough, then you will enter stage 3, and the world becomes better and happier. You and your partner will start making plans, accepting each other’s flaws, start adapting to each other’s life and routine. You sort of form a balance and coexist.

Stage 4: Space Issues

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Happiness never stays for too long. Suddenly, you have this urge of needing some space from your partner. One person may understand, and the other might not. You may start growing apart and spending time with friends and family. The space may end up ruining your relationship. Hence, at this stage, you need to be patient and figure out a way of being with each other while giving space as well.

Stage 5: Understanding & Growing

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And, as they say, even dark clouds don’t last for long. You start understanding each other and ignoring the little flaws. Thus, you and your BAE enter the mature kind of love that doesn’t hamper your individual lives.

Stage 6: Empathy, Love & Begining of Forever

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It’s the blissful stage, and finally, your souls sync. It’s the stage where couples decide to take it ahead and empathise with each other along the way. Hence, it’s the beginning of your forever tale!

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