5 Red Flags to Look Out for When you are Dating

5 Red Flags to Look Out for When you are Dating

Today the whole world is on dating apps. These apps may introduce you to your potential partner or someone who may end up breaking your heart. And, we all fear opening up to someone and then getting our hopes crushed. The easiest way to escape all this trouble is by noticing the unpleasant and manipulative behaviour or red flags on the first few dates. You can do so by taking a glimpse at our guide about common red flags to look out for when you are dating! Let’s straight away head towards them!

Too Much Love or Love Bombing

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Initially, when you start dating a person, a few surprises here and there or showing up unannounced for meeting you is super romantic. But, this may soon increase, and they will be over-emotional, over-possessive and extra loving with you. This is known as love bombing. Nobody can be so in love within a date or two and they may have a selfish motive behind it. So, go with your gut feeling and take your call.

Super Quick Moves

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You just met them the first time, and all they talk about is his taking you back to their place or going to yours, which is the biggest red flag. You should take things slowly, and if they don’t agree, then you should avoid them.

Never Introduces you to Family or Friends

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Have you been dating for the last 3 months and never met their friends? We agree that meeting family while dating may sound bizarre, but meeting friends is quite common. And, if you haven’t, then it is time to notice the red flag and take a decision.

Moody at all Times

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On one day, they are all lovey-dovey and call you several times, and on the other, they completely ignore your messages and calls. Is it true? They are definitely not sure about you and maybe talking to other people as well. So, discuss it with them and end it if there is no common ground.

Talking Way too Much about Exes

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The last and the biggest dating red flag is that they talk too much about exes, and mostly, they have all negative things to say. The past should be in the past, and bad-mouthing an ex is one of the worst things a person can do on the first date. Hence, it is time to call it off and tell them the reason as well.

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