The Pros and Cons of Ultimatums in a Relationship

Ultimatums in a Relationship

Are you celebrating the first milestone anniversary with your partner? Is your heart filled with love and mind with doubts of a forever with them? Probably, we all can relate to this scenario. One year is a benchmark, and after that, we all expect our partners to pop the question. Whether you are waiting to go all exclusive or you are wishing that your partner finally proposes to you for marriage, there comes a time when you feel like ending things and giving them an ‘Ultimatum’. Moreover, ultimatums can also be used for getting rid of the unacceptable behaviour or habits of your partner. But, will that really solve the issue? Let’s find out. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of giving Ultimatums in a relationship. Check it out, and then bring it up!


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The Issues are in the Open

Does the smoking habit of your partner pisses you off? Is it affecting their health? It is time for putting all of it out in front of them and giving them the Ultimatum. Or if you are someone who wants to get committed and are tired of the dating tag, then you should speak openly and let them decide what they want. Telling them all the issues and giving them a timeline for resolving them will indeed work and make things easier.

Will Save your Time

If your partner isn’t ready for what you want, then it is actually good to know about it. Ultimatums will help you in deciding whether it is time to move on or stay.

Enhance Comfort in your Relationship

When the elephant in the room is not addressed, you end up feeling lost and uncomfortable. So, just say it aloud and let your partner decide what they want.

Specific Conditions are Layed Down

Have you been waiting for them to ask you out or marry you? If they are stretching it and you just can’t take it, then call it out. Make a set of rules or conditions. It will help you in figuring out their intentions and your next step.


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May make them Feel Controlled

Humans have a different way of handling things. For example, your partner wants to go all serious but is nervous. Your ultimatum will make him feel controlled, and they may think that you are not the one for them. Similarly, if it is any other issue, they will feel the same.

They may Run Away

If you keep stretching the topic and giving them deadlines for everything, they may end it and run away. Too many deadlines are not good for any relationship.

Loads of Fights

The wrong ultimatums cause lots of fights. Your partner may feel that their feelings are being ignored and controlled, and each discussion will turn into a fight. For example, if you are someone who loves celebrating occasions and are all about pampering your partner with romantic gifts and gestures, then you may expect the same from them. But, is it right? If you will pick such an issue, it will lead to loads of fights. So, avoid such topics and use ultimatums for the logical ones.

The Relationship may End

One of the worst cons of giving an ultimatum is that your relationship may end. Your partner may accept all the conditions and try hard to make you happy, but they may feel pressured and call it off.

Ultimatums can be helpful in giving a little push to the relationship. But, if you stretch it and bring it up unnecessarily, it may spoil your bond. Therefore, be very patient with your partner, try to understand their points and then take the road of ultimatums!

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