How to Bring Home the 5 Elements of Vastu Shastra

How to Bring Home the 5 Elements of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the amalgamation of science, astrology, art, and astronomy. Commonly known as the science of architecture, Vastu Shastra revolves around five major elements- Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space. With the help of these five elements, one can create a blissful casa that is filled with love, positivity and prosperity. Whether you are someone who is renovating or busy decorating your new home, it is time for you to know about the 5 elements of Vastu Shastra. We have created a mini-guide that will help you in adding these magical elements to your casa!


According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the element of Fire inspires, enhances the understanding, motivates, and attracts positivity. Therefore, it is one of the most essential elements for decorating your home. You can paint one wall of any room in the colours that represent fire or adorn your home with candles, and lamps to add this element.

Colours that Represent Fire: Pink, Bright Yellow, Orange, Red
Shape: Triangle
Objects for Fire: Candles, Sunlight, Lamps, Salt lamps


The Earth element is made of soil, clay, ceramic, and bricks. It keeps you grounded and balanced, increases trust, and makes you a pro at managing matters related to money and family. Isn’t it the most important one? How can you bring it home? Just pick pastel shades like light brown, beige, or peach while decorating your walls or buying furniture. Furthermore, you can also get wish trees or pots made with clay as they represent Earth.

Colours that Represent Earth: Light brown, Light yellow, beige, and peach
Shape: Square
Objects for Earth: Wish Trees, Crystals, Clay, Rock


Water is the source of life. According to Vastu Shastra, bringing the Water element to your home is quite important. It represents flexibility, wisdom, calmness and positivity. You can get your hands on a waterfall showpiece or have a swimming pool at home to incorporate this element into your home decor.

Colours that Represent Water: Blue, Black
Shape: Undulating
Objects for Water: Water fountains, Glasses, Mirrors


Air is another important element of Vastu Shastra. The Air element enhances creativity and happiness. Air should always enter the house from the northwest direction. Hence, you should keep this in mind while making a new house. While renovating your home, you can add wind chimes or keep diffusers at home. You can also purify the air by getting indoor plants.

Colours that Represent Air: Silver, White, Light grey
Shape: Round
Objects for Air: Wind Chimes, Essentials Oils, Scents


The Space element is all about our hearing abilities. Moreover, it is related to the centre space of your home. You should always leave the centre space open so that light can enter. If that isn’t possible, then you can do other things like play soothing music or spiritual music and paint the centre wall of your home in gold colour. You must also declutter and make space for better things.

Colours that Represent Space: Gold
Objects for Space: Gold colour objects

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