Live-in Relationships: What to Expect and What to Avoid?

Live-in Relationships: What to Expect and What to Avoid?

Are you finally moving in with BAE? Oh! We can see that gleaming smile of yours. But, before you straight away head in, pause and get to know all about Live-in relationships and how to make the whole process a cakewalk. Our relationship specialists have come up with a list of things that you may expect and the things you should avoid to keep your significant other super happy! Take a look!

What to Expect?

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Getting up Beside your Partner

Get ready to cuddle up with your partner at night and wake up right beside them. No more goodbyes and sleepless nights!

Making Breakfast together

Yes, finally you can make breakfast together or for each other. You can expect to have breakfast together and take care of each other!

Cleaning the House

You must divide the work and clean the house together. Don’t become a burden on them. You are expected to participate in the daily household chores.

Having Dinner

You can expect your partner to cook dinner and vice versa. You both can cook hearty meals and relish them together!

Sweet Surprises & Decorating the House

Get ready to pamper each other with gifts, flowers and sweet gestures. You ought to cherish all the moments and make them super special. You can even deck up your home with Vastu Plants that bring happiness and joy.

What to Avoid?

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Stretching Arguments

While you are living together, you may fight a lot. Make rules and never sleep without clearing it all out. If the argument stretches even, then just hug each other and sleep in peace!

Being all Clingy

Give your partner space and go out with your friends as well. Living together doesn’t mean that you have to spend the whole day with each other!

Not Helping in Household Chores

Don’t be the lazy one! Participate in the household chores and complete the duties that are assigned to you. Helping your partner is necessary as it is the key to a smooth relationship!

Ruling over the Place

You will be sharing the same place, and it means that you need to stick to your space. Don’t throw your clothes everywhere or irritate them by taking all the space in the closet.

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