How to Keep your Plants Happy in your Absence

Keep your plants Happy in your Absence

Are you a person who is passionate about travelling as well as being a plant parent? You equally love both and are stuck in a dilemma ‘to go or not to go’. What if we tell you that you can go enjoy a vacation and your plants will still be happy and love you the same way. You can leave a friend in charge and follow our tips while you are away. So, get ready to know all about the ‘how’ of keeping your plants happy in your absence!

Make a List for your Pal

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Your pal probably has no idea about taking care of plants. Help him by leaving a checklist. For example, write about the times they need to water the plant or where to keep them.

Keep the Plants Together

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Do you have a lot of plants? If yes, then keep them together in a bathtub. Fill the tub with 1 to 2 inches of water and let the plants be. Make sure the planters have a draining hole. In this way, your plants will stay hydrated.

Let your Succulents Be

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Your succulents like Aloe Vera and Jade Plant need no attention for at least ten days, and you can easily enjoy your vacation. So let them be where they are and don’t worry about  them.

Adjust Indoor Conditions

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Plants like moderate climate. Before leaving, keep them together and pull them away from the window. When the plants are together, they will stay happy!

Know the Right Way of Watering!

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You can opt for self-watering methods. For example, you can get self-watering pots or a watering kit for your plants. You can set a timer or tell your friend to water them daily by switching on the watering kit. The watering kit has pipes that will water all the plants.

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