Busting Myths about Lucky Bamboo Plants

usting myths about Lucky Bamboo Plants

Famed as the Lucky Bamboo, Dracaena Sanderiana spreads good luck and positivity wherever it is placed. This cooperative plant stays happy in water as well as soil. Lucky Bamboo throws no tantrums and is super friendly. There are several myths about Lucky Bamboo Plants that people believe in and today, we decided to debunk all of them. After all, our dearest lucky plant deserves this much. Let’s start!

Death of Luck Bamboo Brings Bad Luck

To make mistakes is human and you are allowed to do so. It is believed that if you kill a lucky bamboo plant, then you will face bad luck for 29 years. Though killing any plant is bad, if you killed your lucky bamboo by mistake, bad luck won’t follow you. Stay calm!

Can’t Survive in Water

Who said so? People do think that Lucky Bamboo in water can’t survive. On the contrary, it can survive in water. Keep changing the water and using distilled water.

Needs Direct Sunlight

Lucky Bamboo plants need bright and indirect sunlight. Those of you who believe that it needs direct sunlight should now reconsider and save your plant from dying.

Has a Short Life Span

No, it doesn’t. Lucky Bamboo can survive for many years. It all depends on the way you care for the plant.

Showers Money

Some people feel that if they bring Lucky Bamboo home, then it will bring lots of money. Yes, Lucky Bamboo brings good luck, but it doesn’t mean you will receive a shower of money without any hard work. It keeps you positive so that you can work hard and achieve whatever you aim for!

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