Feng Shui Art of Decorating- Fad or Fab

Feng Shui art of decorating

An ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui is not just two mere words. It is a powerful art that can transform the whole vibe of a home. Feng Sui is the flow of Chi that we all need. Wondering what is Chi? Chi is the flow of positive energy and it keeps negative energy at bay. The Feng Shui decor trend has been embraced by a lot of people and we think that it is here to stay for many upcoming years. Feng Shui art of decorating your casa will help you in creating a home that is full of happiness and positive vibes. Isn’t this trend just Fab or do you think it is a Fad? You ought to know about its elements and then decide the answer to the former question. Are you ready?


Wood attracts healthy and vibrant energy into your home. Trees, Feng Shui plants and green coloured objects represent wood. If you want to bring growth, expansion, vitality, and unlimited vision to your home, then you must embrace the art of Feng Shui decor.


Fire represents passion, success, and romance. All three are the essentials in our life. Red candles, lampshades, fairy lights and images of fire are the perfect things for your home decor.


According to Feng Shui, water attracts flow, positivity, freshness, and freedom. Water is a powerful healer. For attracting freshness and for healing your inner self you must add blue rugs, fountains, and more to your home.


Metal brings the energy of purity, freshness, clarity and discipline. It helps you in focusing on things and to attract this energy, you ought to bring in home decor pieces that are made of metal and mirror and are white, grey or silver.


Representing stability and strength, Earth is a significant element of Feng Shui. You can incorporate its elements by getting carpets, wish trees, old books, decor items in tan or brown colour.

Each element of Feng Shui brings positivity to your life. Who doesn’t want a home that is full of happiness, positive energy and where they can focus and be calm? We all do and so we think the Feng Shui art of decorating is just Fab and will be in trend always! Don’t you agree?

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