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How can you Bond with your Long-Distance Partner

How to Bond with your Long-Distance Partner?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Have you heard the former saying? Do you believe in it? Long-distance couples can answer this question accurately. When you are in love, all you want is to cuddle up with BAE. But, in a long-distance relationship, bonding with your partner becomes a little tough as the distance starts bothering you. And, to help you come closer to your partner, our relationship experts found a solution for all lovebirds that are miles apart. Get ready to scroll through our ways through which you can bond with your long-distance partner and can keep the spark alive!

Good Morning & Goodnight Texts

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Make it a rule to wish each other good morning and goodnight no matter how busy you are. Go all romantic by especially getting on a video call and taking each other to sleep or waking up.

Dinner Dates on Video Call

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Prepare the same meal and get on a video call to relish the delicious dishes and to enjoy each other’s company. Plan weekly romantic dates and in the end, watch a super lovey-dovey movie!

Surprise them with Gifts

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Flowers are known for expressing your hidden feelings. If you are missing your beloved, then send a bunch of red roses to tell her how passionate and deep your love is. You can explore long-distance relationship gifts and pick the best one for your partner.

Bond over Plants

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Get the same plants for each other and start taking care of them. Talking about your plants and watching them grow will surely make you come closer. Bond over refreshing plants that will always make your S.O think about you.

Play Online Games

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Make time on weekends and play online games together. Challenge your partner and get ready to notice how you bond over it.

Write Love Letters

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Yes, we know it’s cliched. But, Love letters have their charm. Start writing love letters weekly and describe your love for them.

Create a Playlist and Listen

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Get on a call and compile a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to them while you are missing your Boo!

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