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Good Luck Plants for Every Room in Your Home

Indoor Good Luck Plants

Everyone wants to have a little extra luck in their lives! How about you invite luck into your home by incorporating a few good luck plants? Yes, you read that right! Plants are not only to add a touch of beauty or nature but they are also useful to bring luck and so much positive energy to your surroundings. So, ready to bring in some luck? If that’s a nod then keep reading to know about some of the wonderful lucky plants for home.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Plant placed in Living Room

Let’s start with one of the most easily available good luck plants – the lucky bamboos. You can consider placing them on a side table in your living room or any shelf in your bedroom. A popular one as one of the feng shui plants, they bring luck prosperity and good fortune. Moreover, lucky bamboo plants are also gifted during weddings, housewarmings or any occasion when people want to wish their loved ones luck and happiness.

Money Plant

Money Plant Hanging

Featuring heart-shaped leaves, money plants are one of the good options for indoor plants for bedroom. Not only they are easy to care for but believed to bring wealth. According to Feng Shui principles, placing a Money Plant in the southeast corner of your living room or office attracts good luck and fortune.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant Placed at Home Entrance for Good Luck

This succulent plant is also known as a lucky plant. Its round and coin-shaped leaves symbolise wealth and abundance making it a great choice for people who are in search of plants for positive energy. Additionally, you can also place your jade plant near the entrance of your home for good luck.

Lucky Elephant Ear

Elephant Ear Indoor Plant

Featuring foliage that resembles the ears of an elephant, this plant is striking enough to attract attention. Thus, you can consider buying it as one of the great lucky plants for living room. Believed to bring good luck and prosperity, these plants are also an amazing source of positive energy.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Placed Near Window

Known to bring good luck and positive energy, the snake plant is also called Mother-in-law’s tongue. Keeping it in your bedroom also promotes good sleep and a peaceful environment. A good pick for everyone, this low-maintenance plant is something you won’t regret buying.

To sum up, bring in some luck with good luck plants to your home and create a positive atmosphere with their vibrant energy. These plants also attract wealth and prosperity or simply create a more harmonious living space. So, go ahead and let good luck and positive energy flow into your life!

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