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10 Amazing Plants to have on your Coffee Table

Plant on a coffee table

Is your coffee table looking a bit boring and dull? Well, it might be missing a touch of greenery! Plants not only breathe life into any space but they also add a refreshing charm to your living area. Whether you are a seasoned plant parent or just dipping your toes into the green scene, here are 11 amazing coffee table plants that would transform it into a lush oasis and give your guests something to admire and talk about.


Haworthia plant placed on a coffee table

If you are someone who has too much on their plate then this succulent tabletop plant is the best option for you. Haworthia plants can thrive with minimal watering and are known as low-maintenance beauties. Plus, this plant comes in various shapes, sizes and colours making it even more appropriate for adding to your coffee table.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant placed on a coffee table

Stylish and resilient, snake plant feature amazing air-purifying properties. Featuring sleek and up-right leaves, it is one of the perfect plants on coffee table that will grab anyone’s attention and add an extra appeal to the area.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant placed on a coffee table

An epitome of elegance and tranquility, peace lily is sure to make a statement on your coffee table. With ability to purify the air, these plants should be kept away from direct sunlight and watered regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf on a coffee table

Featuring large and glossy leaves, this plant is best for people who want to add a dramatic touch to their coffee table. One of the most liked indoor plants, all you have to do is make sure that these plants get plenty of indirect sunlight and water.

Tillandsia Stricta

Tillandsia on a table

If you don’t want any mess on your coffee table then this air plant are your perfect solution. Tillandsia Stricta is a unique plant that don’t require soil to grow making them perfect for displaying in decorative containers on your coffee table. Simply spray them with water from time to time and they’ll thrive in almost any environment.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant placed on a coffee table

Contributing to a healthier home environment, the spider plant is also excellent at purifying the air. With arching leaves and cascading foliage, these plants add a touch of whimsy to any coffee table.


Pothos plant placed on a coffee table

With heart-shaped and beautiful leaves, pothos are a perfect addition to bring freshness to any space. Ideal for forgetful plant parents, they require minimal care and vibrant leaves. Anyone would love them for their vibrant and fresh vibe.

Jade Plant

Jade plant

Incredibly easy to care for, buy jade plant and add a touch of prosperity to your space. With glossy leaves and positive vibes, these plants attract wealth and good luck making them all the more appropriate for your indoors.


Bromeliad plant placed on a indoor table

Absolutely stunning, bromeliad are simply perfect to add a pop of colour to your coffee table. Low-maintenance and tropical, they add flair to any space. If you want to add a pop of colour to your coffee table then without any second thoughts, grab the beautiful bromeliads.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant placed on a coffee table

Dark green leaves and upright growth habit, ZZ plants exude elegance. Known for their resilience, these plants are the best for people who forget to water their plants. To add an extra appeal, you can go for eye-catching planters and make them a centre of attraction on your coffee table.
As a whole, transform your coffee table into a lush oasis of greenery and charm with these amazing plants. Whether you prefer low-maintenance succulents or bold statement pieces like the fiddle leaf fig, there’s a perfect plant for every style and skill level. So go ahead, bring some life into your living space, and watch as your coffee table becomes the focal point of your home.


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