Easy Tips & Tricks to Prepare Indoor Plants for Summer

Prepare Indoor Plants for Summer

All Hail! Summers are here! Dry winds, along with the scorching heat, embrace the weather, and it will surely get hot as hell. The sunny days not only take a toll on us, but they even harm our delicate potted plants. What if we tell you that your greens can now survive the summer heat. How? Our prepare indoor plants for summer guide has all the answers! Scroll down and know more!

Check Plants for Summer Stress

check for summer

Try and check your plants frequently for signs of summer stress. Wondering what those are? The leaves of the plants wilt with exposure to too much heat, and the foliage turns pale. Other signs are a rough brown or yellow patch on leaves/stems and the falling of yellow leaves. If these signs are present, then you can keep them in mind and treat your plant accordingly.

Avoid re-potting in Hot Weather

Avoid re-potting in Hot Weather

Don’t re-pot your plants in hot weather as the leaves and stems will get damaged, and they won’t be able to take stress while the weather is dry and hot.

Keep in Shade

Keep in Shade

Direct heat can damage your plants. So, keep them in the shade and save them from the sunlight. You can even cover the plants with a shade cloth.

Water Deeply & Slowly

Water Deeply & Slowly

Plants need a lot of water in the summers. Water them slowly and deeply so that they are well-hydrated.

Shield From Heat Wave

Shield From Heat Wave

Dry and hot winds will harm the plants on a significant level. To avoid this, you can place the bigger plants around the smaller ones that get damaged easily.

Prune When it’s Not too Hot

Prune When it's Not too Hot

Avoid pruning the plants till the temperature reaches the normal range. Don’t cut off the yellow leaves, as they may rebound after the heatwave passes.

Don’t Fertilize When the Air is Dry

Don't Fertilize When the Air is Dry

Fertilisers are a must in summers. But, a stressed plant should be given time to recover, and fertiliser should be added!

Our ‘prepare indoor plants for summer’ guide will surely be your saviour and help you protect green from the heatwave!

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