Benefits of an Eggless Diet

Benefits of an Eggless Diet

Eggless recipes are those food items that have been cooked with an egg substitute or no egg at all. Although eggs are high in protein, many people shy away from eating eggs and prefer to consume eggless food instead. People who are Vegetarians or vegans for religious purposes or health try to eat food which is free of egg. Allergic reactions to eggs are quite common while older people suffer from hypertension and heart disease which is enhanced by cholesterol contained in eggs. They are often advised to eat eggless food products.

History- Eggless recipes have been around for a long time almost since the beginning of civilization. Some ancient communities practiced vegetarianism as part of their religious practices and shunned eggs completely. The health benefits of consuming eggless foods became apparent in the 18th and 19th centuries when the cooking of eggless recipes became popular. A number of recent converts who avoid eating eggs do so because of cruelty to animals.


Eggless recipes do not contain eggs in any form at all, be it fresh or powdered. Some people do confine themselves to avoiding the yolk of the egg only, while others will not eat it at all. Gelatin, arrowroot and banana is used as a substitute to bake cakes. Tofu is one of the most common substitutes used by eggless recipes. Potato starch, corn starch and soy powder is used as binding in lieu of eggs.

Health benefits of eggless recipes “Allergy to eggs are the second most common allergy found in children. It is best to stop eating eggs completely and opt for a vegetarian eggless fare. You can use egg substitutes only if you know that you are not allergic to them and with the consent of your doctor. Egg yolks contain high levels of cholesterol which leads to arteriosclerosis and heart disease in the elderly. People who suffer from hypertension also need to eliminate eggs from their diet in order to lead a normal life. Salmonella contaminated eggs pose a major health scare especially in developing countries where the food laws are not very stringent. It might be safer to avoid eggs completely.

Being a vegan is definitely more a life style choice than a philosophy. Eating animal fats and proteins has been found by research to raise one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. With many people embracing veganism because of religious or lifestyle reasons the eggless cake is becoming increasingly popular. Eggless cake come in sumptuous varieties from black forest , chocolate truffle, pineapple, butterscotch, vanilla and cheesecake to name a few. Eggless cakes can be consumed without guilt and they make excellent Birthday cakes.

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