Old Or New, Birthdays Will Be Birthdays

Old Or New, Birthdays Will Be Birthdays

Birthdays in India

With time everything changes, the way we think, the way we look, and also the way we celebrate our special occasions. Isn’t it?

I still remember my birthday celebrations when I was an adolescent. Dressing up in colorful casual dress, instead of boring school uniform, was one of the best things for me at that time. I used to take a pack of toffees along with me to school to distribute them among my classmates and teachers. After school, mummy was always ready with my favorite dishes for lunch and also with an expectedly unexpected birthday gift.

At night, my parents usually arranged a birthday party for me and invited all my favorites, from friends to cousins. It used to be a real fun, having chips, cake, toffees, etc., wearing birthday caps, fighting over confetti balloon and dancing. The best part was to unwrap the gifts when everyone left.

After 10 years, vodka glasses replaced campa-cola and my favorites mostly included my friends. These days, we wait for such special occasions just to get a chance to meet and enjoy with our buddies. Although the way of celebration has changed, but the birthday happiness could not be lessened with time.

We still love to get surprised and gifted by our loved ones on our birthdays. Don’t we? Well, that is exactly how they feel when you gift them. Celebrate their growing age with the all-new gifts, available with Ferns N Petals and relive those old moments with them.

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