Top 5 Unique and Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Top 5 Unique and Creative Birthday Party Ideas

Life is all about having fun and spending time with your loved ones. There are many occasions that are celebrated regularly in the family and birthdays top the chart when it comes to party planning. A birthday is the perfect time to tell your loved ones how much you love them. The best way to do so is by planning a birthday surprise for them. Not only will you be able to see their most shocked expressions (if you pull off the surprise discreetly), but would also get a chance to play the perfect party host. However, planning for the surprise is the most tedious task and that is why we have thought of some of the best ways to throw a perfect surprise birthday party for your friends or family. Refer to the party ideas and if you want you can add more to them while applying practically:

1. Plan a Destination Birthday – Well, yeah! You read it correctly. Destination is not only attached with weddings, but birthdays as well. You might have planned the famous, ‘let’s plan for Goa’ trip many times a year, but never actually went ahead with that. Now is the time to put that plan in action and speed up the process. Make the plan around the birthday or a weekend, whichever suits the maximum people. Make a whatsapp group (do not add the birthday boy/girl), decide on the guest list, book tickets, hotels and surprise your friend when all the bookings have been made and all they have to do is pack and leave. Rest assured, your friend or family member would be talking about this birthday for a long time.

2. Plan a Treasure Hunt – Who doesn’t like a little creative mystery added to their birthday? All you need to do here is buy gifts, knick knacks etc and hide them in different places. These could be hidden inside the house including garden, deck, rooftop etc or at the party venue. Once the gifts are hidden, you need to make funny clues leading the birthday boy or the girl to the gifts. You could use jokes and rhyming words to make them more interesting. For example, for a gift hidden inside a book, the clue could be’ This one’s easy, just take a look, you will find the next clue, in your favorite book! Send the birthday girl or boy on this amazing treasure hunt and make their birthday memorable forever.

3. Plan the day full of little surprises – Everybody expects friends and family to do something extra special on their birthday. However, it is all the more fun to not just do one special thing, but a mix and match of little things that can take the birthday to a whole new level. A car full of balloons and surprise post it messages and birthday flowers for an early morning ride, a surprise breakfast at a far off place, a nice and relaxing surprise evening spa session at a beauty clinic, full rocking birthday party with all friends and family, decorating the room with candles and flowers for the perfect end to a great birthday. These ideas are a great way to make the birthday boy or girl extremely special throughout the day.

4. A gift every hour – This takes a couple of days of planning for the gifts that you would be giving. Share your idea with your common friends and family members and ask everyone to buy their gift in advance. On the birthday, start by giving one gift at midnight with a post it note stating 12.00 hours on it. Let the birthday boy or girl be confused with it and leave them guessing. This continues every hour of the day irrespective of the location, office, home or anywhere. You would have to plan this perfectly so that there is no delay in the delivery of the birthday gifts. By the end of the day, with 24 gifts in hand, the birthday boy or girl would be on cloud nine. The guessing game and anticipation of what comes next would add more spice to the game.

5. Theme Based Party – This idea is perfect for all age groups and is extremely fun and easy to execute. You need to decide on a theme and this could either be based on a favorite character of the birthday boy or girl, or color or funny costumes etc. Whereas a masquerade party would add to the mystery element, classic superhero or princess theme adds the glamour to the party. Make the party folks to arrive at the party in theme-specific outfits and keep the food theme based as well. You will have people raving about this party for a long, long time.

Plan a birthday party with friends and family with these cool and super-fun surprise birthday ideas. Make sure to click loads of pictures and make videos so that these moments can be treasured for a long time.

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