5 Amazing DIY Birthday Card Ideas

5 Amazing DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Time flies, the years go by and life takes its own turns, but the memories… forever remain – Anonymous

So why not give your loved ones unforgettable memories on their birthday to delight their heart in a pleasant way. The current trend of wishing friends, relatives and loved ones on social media has become quite popular over the time. That Facebook birthday reminder saves you from the embarrassment of forgetting birthdays and makes it quite easy to send wishes to your loved ones even when they are miles apart from you. But if you love old-school ways and believes that nothing can beat the charm of DIY birthday card ideas, then we are with you.

Be it the 18th birthday of your sister or best friend here are some DIY birthday card ideas that will help you create a piece of art for your loved ones as a birthday gift.

Water Color Birthday Card

Water Color Birthday Card - DIY

If there is a hidden painter inside you who loves to play and make something creative using watercolors, then you should totally use that talent to create a birthday card for your loving friend or family member. You can make balloons using a thermocol sheet or a thick piece of cardboard and cover them with cardstock. Now use bright watercolors to draw a pattern or design over the balloons and stick them to the handmade card. Receiving such cute birthday card will certainly warm the heart of your loved ones. Thus, this is one of the best DIY birthday card ideas for surprising your loved ones!

Scrapbook Birthday Card

Scrapbook Birthday Card - DIY

A scrapbook birthday card will be an excellent idea for a friend or dear one you adore a lot and with whom you shared loads of sweet memories. You can either buy a scrapbook from the market or create one at home using cardstock. Now paste the memorable pictures of the birthday person that includes you inside the scrapbook and mention the funny or the unforgettable events related to every image. Opening that scrapbook card will certainly flood the birthday person with the sweet memories from the past.

Birthday Cake Card

Birthday Cake Card - DIY

Cakes are the inseparable part of birthday celebrations so why to keep them apart from the birthday cards. You can create a cake by layering three to four pieces of yellow or pink cardstock by tearing and curling them from the edges. Cut the cardstock in the shape of candles and embellish them with sketch colors. Now stick these candles at the top of the cake and paste them in the middle of the handmade card. You can also decorate the card at the corners with birthday wishes and cute quotes.

Glitter Birthday Card

Glitter Birthday Card - DIY

We all love a little glitter for they instill happy thoughts in our mind. And the glittery colorful birthday card is great to delight the heart of kids in the family. You can simply cut the thermocol sheet in the shape of letters that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Now paste those letters over a folded cardstock decorated from the corners. Apply gum over the letters and sprinkle colored chunky glitters over them. For each letter, you can use the different colored glitter. The card will look no less than a gorgeous rainbow and add to the celebrations of your little ones.

Pop-Up Balloon Card

Pop Up Balloon Card - DIY

The pop-up cards are quite popular these days and the favorites of the DIY lover. Take a simple cardstock and fold it in half. Now cut parallel lines in the middle fold and make sure the cuts should be half the length of the card. Make some balloons and a happy birthday sign using bits of paper. Now push the flaps forward and stick the balloons and the happy birthday sign on the front part of the folded out flaps and close the card. This card seems simple from the outside but once the recipient will open it the balloons will pop up as a surprise on the inside giving a 3D effect.

These creative, colorful, and lovely DIY birthday card ideas will certainly add some extra fun to the birthday celebrations of your friends and family members and give them sweet memories to cherish forever.

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