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Which Star Signs Aquarians Should Date

Aquarius Compatibility

As the Aquarius season rules the planet, we thought of focusing on the love life of our dearest Aquarians. People born under this sign are fun-loving, big-time dreamers and have a great social life. When it comes to their partners, they often look for caring and independent people. A good sense of humour will earn you brownie points for sure! That being said, let’s get more into the topic and find out which star signs Aquarians should date!


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Gemini and Aquarius are air signs. Hence, they are free-spirited. This leads to a strong initial attraction between them. They have a lot of similar interests which is the reason for their high compatibility.


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Aries are fierce, loyal and independent. These three characteristics attract an Aquarius sign the most. Aries and Aquarius make for the best of friends, and they have a fulfilling relationship. Both the signs pamper each other with loads of presents and loving gestures that keep the spark alive. To become a stronger pair, they ought to keep their anger aside and make communication the key.


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Another air sign Libra makes for a terrific match for Aquarians. Why? Both these signs are adventurous, have a big circle of friends and love to explore new places. These three matching factors are perfect for them to date!


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If Aquarians are looking for an instant attraction that knits a beautiful love story, then they must date a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a lover of freedom. And the Aquarians find this quality irresistible. Clashes arise when one of them becomes more serious. So, they should only date when they are ready to commit to each other!


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The pair of two Aquarians is a match made in heaven. They adore each other and still somehow manage to enjoy their separate lives. It is the balance and similar traits that make dating easier for them. But, the signs should express more and communicate to form a loving bond that stays forever.

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