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10 Signs you are in Love

Signs you are in Love

To be in love is the most beautiful feeling. Yes, it may leave you anxious or sleepless, but the whole process is magical. The cupid finally hits you with his arrow, and you just can’t fight it anymore. It is the beginning of your Love story, and you keep daydreaming about happily ever after. And, then comes the doubt that is this really love? How to figure it out? Don’t worry! We are here to clear your doubts and introduce you to our list of signs that imply you are in love!

Always on your Mind

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Whether you are having a busy day or you are free, this person will always be on your mind. You just can’t stop thinking about them.

They make you Smile

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Their silliest jokes will make you smile. Furthermore, as soon as you see them, there will be an instant smile on your face!

Leave you Sleepless & all Dreamy

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They take over your dreams and leave you restless and sleepless. You start seeing dreams about having a future with them, and these thoughts make you happy and wouldn’t let you sleep.

You Keep Staring at Them

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In a room full of people, you only want to look at their face. You lose all control and keep staring at them.

Their Happiness Matters the Most

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One of the most important signs is that you can do anything to keep them happy. You can’t bear their sad face and will cheer them up instantly.

You Stare at them While they Sleep

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This one may seem a little cheesy but is definitely true. You start staring while they are sleeping, and it becomes the best sight for you.

They are your Priority

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You make them your priority, and your world starts revolving around them.

You Find Excuses to Meet them

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Another one of the signs is that you start making excuses to meet them and just can’t get enough of them. You change your plans, drop important things and go straight away to meet them even if it is just for 2 minutes.

Pampering them is Always on your Mind

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Humans tend to pamper people whom they love. Hence, you start going all out and start impressing them with romantic gifts and thoughtful gestures.

Your Friends will Point it Out

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Friends are the first ones who will realise that cupid has hit you. They will notice all the changes in your behaviour and will make you realise that you are in Louve!

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