Top 7 Plants That are Great for Work from Home

Top 7 Plants that are great for Work from Home

With the recent lockdown and movement restrictions in 2021, everyone has started working from home. News about the pandemic, the pressure of WFH and Ghar ka kaam gets to you at some point. Keeping safe and being with family amidst these challenging times is the best thing that you can do. However, there is a way you can make your home office set up a bit lively and relaxing. We went ahead and created a list of the best plants that are great for ‘Work from Home’ and will help you have a great time working!

Jade Plant

With its emerald green leaves, Jade Plant can brighten all spots. You can keep it at your desk as it soothes the soul.

Peace Lily Plant

The name says it all! Peace Lily plants have beautiful flowers that’ll leave you in awe. While you are working, their presence will help you in concentrating on your work.

Boston Fern Plant

These gorgeous plants remove toxins from the air and will spruce up your work desk! Plus, they look good too!

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Known for attracting a lot of luck, the Lucky Bamboo is perfect for you! It’s an easy to care indoor plant.

Areca Palm Plant

Areca Palm Plant is famous for its air-purifying quality, and it strengthens the central nervous system. Keep it near your table and get ready to breathe in fresh air!

Mini Succulents

Mini Succulents come in all sizes and shapes. They need no attention at all and will perfectly fit on your cute desk! They will make for some good insta stories too!

Money Plant

Famed for bringing positivity, prosperity and good luck, Money Plant is your best friend if you are struggling with your work and need good vibes!

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