Is Venting out in a Relationship Healthy

Is Venting out in a Relationship Healthy?

To vent or not to? A dilemma that we all face in our relationship. Will our partners understand us or will they treat the ‘venting’ as another dramatic episode? We feel you! And, so we went ahead and sat with our relationship expert to decode the pros and cons of venting out in a relationship. Scroll down and know more!


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  • Expressing your feelings is great as you must take out all the anger and anxiety. Let them know about your insecurities as it will help them in understanding and making amends. They may even start pampering you more often with thoughtful gifts or gestures.
  • The venting process will bring you closer. How? Your partner will feel that you trust them and can share everything. On the other hand, it will make you a happier person because all the negative thoughts are out!
  • It will make your partner talk about all of their issues. Hence, it is the perfect way to start a communication about the problems you both are facing in your relationship.
  • Sometimes, you just overthink and venting out will make your fears and doubts go away. Won’t it be superb for your mental health?


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  • It may damage your relationship. It’s simple once you start venting, there is no coming back. Whether it was a trivial issue or a bigger one, it will all be the same. Serious issues will take a back seat, and a lot of fights will happen.
  • Your partner may get disheartened. If you are all about counting the negatives and playing the blame game, then the venting process will make your partner feel guilty, and they will think you aren’t happy with them.
  • You may explode all your emotions. Sometimes, the talking about issues process may go wrong and lead to an emotional breakdown. You may start crying or throw all your thoughts together on your partner. They may get confused and might not be able to handle you. Everyone has their issues and your anger or emotional outburst may trigger theirs.

The question remains open. Is venting out healthy for a relationship? According to our experts, venting is healthy when practised in the right way. You have to create a balance and decided what to let go, and what not to. Life is a beautiful thing and letting go of the negatives is the key to a blissful one. You have to take a call and then vent out about the serious issues after channelising your thoughts. Hope we answered your doubts. Let us know in the comment section below about your thoughts on venting.

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