Sentiment behind making Deepawali Apni Si

Sentiment behind making Deepawali Apni Si

Diwali has always been known as the festival of togetherness – families, be it joint or nuclear, near or far, modern or conservative, come together to celebrate the festival of lights. So much so that the occasion of Diwali looks incomplete without a typical family gathering, puja, gift exchanges, etc. With Deepawali Apni Si, FNP Tribe reminds of those who are alone, or away from family or do not have a family and urges to make this Deepawali meaningful for them. The campaign is dedicated to loners, bachelors, old-age parents, working-class people away from home and most importantly, the ones who do not feel the thrill of celebrating this festival. FNP encourages to become a friend, a family, a meaningful bond in someone’s life this Deepawali, and make this festival Deepawali Apni Si.

The essence of Diwali gleams through various beautiful traditions like decorating houses, performing rituals, lighting diyas, relishing delicacies, drawing rangolis, and exchanging sweets. This is best enjoyed with someone. Be that ‘someone’ who brings Roshni into someone’s life. This year, become a friend or family and surprise the people alone or away from home with our exclusive Diwali gifts. Get ready to break all barriers and enter the lives of the loners or people who are away from home and celebrate Deepawali Apni Si. For those who are not up for the celebration, bring a smile to their faces just by giving them a little something. Take a look at a beautiful video that explains the essence of the festival!

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