How Would 2019 Be For Gemini Zodiac Sign?

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Gemini In 2019

Gemini is the 3rd astrological sign in the zodiac. The time frame of the Gemini zodiac sign is 21st May to 21st June. 2019 is going to be an excellent year for Gemini people. Your attitude towards life would evolve in the most special manner. So, you can hope for an eventful year that will fill your life with many possibilities. Those Gemini people who are in the field of sports or art would prosper beautifully. The position of Jupiter would help you to discover new possibilities for improvement and development. The improvements can be in any segment of your life like family, finance, education, etc.

Here is a detailed account of how 2019 would be for Gemini Zodiac Sign:


2019 is a great year to achieve success in your field of education. You can choose your desired field and go ahead with higher studies even in abroad. In fact, if you plan to study abroad, then, this is the best year for you to go complete your dream. The time period between 11th March and 20th July is very lucky for you if you are preparing for an examination. So, check your limitations & strength to decide the exact subject and then go ahead. No one can stop your train of success this year.


The 1st house of Gemini will host Mercury at the beginning of 2019 and that is related to your health. So, 2019 will be a good year health-wise. But there is a chance of getting overweight and thus you must keep a check on your diet. Older people of Gemini sign may suffer from pain in their knees and ankles. A periodic medical checkup would be suggested. Exercise well, eat well, and follow a healthy routine to stay fit all through the year.


Jupiter is in the 6th house and that means the start of 2019 is great for you. Those who have been trying for a government job for a long time would see great results this year. During September-October, you will be flooded with various choices in terms of your career. It can also be said that there will be one smart career move that will compensate for your previous career mistakes. So, you need to search for that opportunity. Another great thing is that your work environment and relationship with colleagues would drastically improve in 2019 and that would bring more productivity in you. Apart from hard work, you must also learn to take accountability for your work.

Love & Relationships:

People belonging to Gemini sign are versatile people and they never shy away from any challenge. You will see some good and some not so good times in terms of love & relationship. Differences may arise between spouses and they will be sorted out gradually. An old conflict which was left open last time may resurface. The couples who are in love and facing issues from the family will see good days by the end of 2019. The early months of 2019 may be a bit tricky – those Gemini people who are searching new love may not get it. But good times will arrive surely, maybe in the later months of 2019. For those who are in a relationship, never miss an opportunity to surprise your partner, especially those special days.


Dear Gemini, your finances seem to be in great shape as long as you focus on “money-saving” skills and investment. If you have been thinking of investing for quite some time now, you can do that in June or July 2019. There will be many financial opportunities but you must take time to focus before you jump into a heavy investment. In the 1st quarter of 2019, you are requested to do some good research on your investment and the next quarter can be spent in narrowing the right choices and then you can enjoy the benefits later. You may also receive some unexpected funds which you have probably written off. This will provide a nice boost to your earnings. You will also inherit properties and assets this year. Your mutual funds and other stock-related matters will give you good returns this year.


There are some short trips on the cards for people born under Gemini sign. After March, you may even plan a foreign trip too which can be either for pleasure or work. There are also chances of pilgrimage visit to important places. So, you are surely going to have fun in terms of travel this year!

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