Love Life Predictions According To Zodiac Signs – 2019

Love Life Predictions 2019

Love makes life beautiful – true that! Who doesn’t want to love and be loved in return? As we are heading to complete the first month of 2019 and enter the most romantic month of the year, i.e., February – let’s see how LOVE would be for all the zodiac signs. Will it be magical or break shackles? Will it be full of adventure or demand more of your time? Read below to know more and share it too with your friends.


You will have lots of romantic opportunities for sure in 2019 but maybe your heart is more interested in shaping up the career more crucially.

So, in case you are single, then you might lose some opportunities for romance. In a nutshell, there is plenty of love for you in 2019 but baby, you have to want it. A Lunar Eclipse in your 5th House of Pleasure on 21st Jan will leave you with a turning-point kind of situation in terms of love and romance. From 27th July to 21st August, Venus will visit your “true love” sector, and would thus help you in the matters of the hearts. Between 1st July & 18th August – Mars will also visit your chart and that’s the time when sparks will fly between you and a “special someone”. Those who are already in a relationship or are married may plan about planning a baby. There’s much to celebrate for the committed or married Aries people.


Dear Taureans, you are still reeling over the amazing episode of “love and romance” you enjoyed in 2018. In 2019 too, your relationship would see positive growth. Jupiter – the planet of abundance would travel through your 8th house of “shared resources & deep intimacy” and this means you and your partner would feel financially secure. In fact, along with your partner, you may plan to invest in buying a house or start a new project. Uranus would be in your sign from 6th March to April 2026 and this means your life would be much more exciting in the coming years. There is good news for the single Taureans too – you guys would get many dating opportunities. In a nutshell, the love life for Taurus would be a memorable one!

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2019 is going to be the most memorable year of your life. Last year, Jupiter entered in your 7th house of relationships & commitments for the first time in 12 years and this year also Jupiter is in no hurry to leave you till 2nd December. So, basically, this would be a blessing for your romance. In case you are single, you will meet “someone” with whom you may end up having a long-term committed relationship. In case you are already in a relationship as 2019 begins, then your relationship would see major positive growth. You may move in together, get engaged, or tie the knot. Singles, pay attention during 14th September & 8th October as this time frame is most crucial for your love & romance.


Dear Cancerians, there is no room for casual dates or half-hearted flirting. Love & romance would be really serious this 2019. The reason is Saturn – the planet of discipline & responsibility moving through your partnership sector all through the year. Now Saturn wants you to take a serious look at your love life and thus you would honestly inspect your relationship and mend the loopholes. The loose ends would tighten up and all thanks to you and your partner for taking out time and examining your love life. So, you would come across as a steel couple in the end. Astrology says that there is a wonderful new start for a relationship, commitment, or renewal of commitment this year. The Solar Eclipse on 5th January& 26th December would help you much in this regard. In case you are single, you would meet a new love interest between 8th October & 1st November and in case you are dating someone – things would move to the next level.


The Lions would start 2019 with new enthusiasm in the department of love & romance. So, in case you are single, there is a prospect of new love as Jupiter moves through your 5th house until 2nd December. In fact, don’t be surprised if you are at the rim of the greatest love story of your life. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance and there is a signal of a new birth too. So, if you are married, then you might welcome a new member in your family. If you are dating someone, then there can be two probabilities – if the commitment gets deeper, then you would move to better phase in your relationship but if there are misunderstandings, then the relationship might end soon. It would definitely be a year of learning self- love & respect.

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There would be major movements in your “love & romance” sector in 2019. Saturn & Pluto would stay in your 5th house all through the year and they would make you think, “what do I really want in love?” So, you would have more clarity in love. Some Virgo people may want to thus spend time alone to understand vital questions. But again, to find answers to some questions if you stay lonely for some time, have faith in the universe as it wants you to be more methodical & careful in love. By 2nd December, Jupiter will travel in your romance sector & will align perfectly to the 26th December eclipse. So, you might truly hit the jackpot in love by December!

For the committed ones or couples, 13th January, 16th June, & 21st September may cause an imbalance. You might also be dissatisfied with your partner when family issues crop up but luckily love will be there!


Since 2011, your “love & romance” have experienced quite a turmoil. Many of you must have experienced break-ups & even divorce. All these hard years have taught you major life lessons and now you are ready to use them well. Uranus is leaving your partnership sector around 6th March 2019 and entering your 8th house of joint finances. So, if you are in a relationship, then you and your partner would see major changes in terms of money. This year, the stability in your love relationship would return and you may also have some adventure with your mate. The single Libras may witness major ups and downs with a sudden romantic encounter and even head towards a hasty wedding or other commitment.


This year 2019 gives you little chance to “hold on” to your relationship – the way you are used to. Don’t start to panic now because the universe is not going to put an end to your current romantic alignment especially when you and your partner are too much into each other. But 2019 would definitely bring up some circumstances that would change your equation with your partner. Uranus is the planet to blame for these changes. Basically, if you are in a relationship in 2019 then, your challenge will be to ensure that the romantic sparks are flying for you and your mate because, if they’re not, you or your partner might choose to light a fire elsewhere. And in case, you are single, there will be a different sensuous and adventurous game for you.

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There will be more excitement, optimism, and positive vibes coming your way in 2019 because Jupiter – your ruling planet would be in your sign for most of the year. This Jupiter is going to blow up your world in the most amazing manner. As Jupiter will remain in your sign till 2nd December, any kind of relationship you form will be magical. Those who would come into your life would help you achieve what you want majorly. Those who are in a relationship would experience positive growth. There is another good news for you in 2019 and that is Uranus would finally leave your true love sector on 6th March. Thus, you would enjoy a calmer phase in your relationships which would bring stability too.


Saturn will be there in your sign all through the year along with Pluto. So, in matters of the heart, you are ready to ruin any patterns that are not working for you anymore. You want a solid foundation in your relationship because that’s the way you admire & appreciate love. There can be a “leaning tower of Pisa” in your relationship in case you are committed. So, you and your partner have to decide whether this tower is a work of art or a mistake. The eclipse of 2nd July 2019 would help you in this regard. In case the relationship is ready to falter, then this will happen near the lunar eclipse of 16th July.

The singles can anticipate a major growth of love as the solar eclipse of 26th December happens. If the singles are looking for the most stimulating romance episode of their lives then Uranus would be there in your sign from 6th March 2019 till April of 2026.


Whether you are single or in a relationship – in the year 2019, you will feel that romantic urge to genuinely involve with someone special. The eclipse on 21st January will have a significant emotional turning point for you. You will feel emotional for someone and there won’t be any fear to express that feeling. The singles would find innumerable opportunities to find a New Love. From 8th June to 3rd July, Venus will tour your romance sector providing you promising love. And that means there will be an abundance of love and luxury both. Dating in this year would be intellectually motivating too!


2019 would be a tremendous year for people of Pisces sign. The professional life would fill up the mind and heart due to the presence of Jupiter. But at the same time, Pisces would also find ample time to invest in “love & romance”. The solar eclipse of 2nd July would let you witness a notable romantic experience. In case you are single, then, you will probably meet the “love of your life”. Venus is expected to travel your true love sector from 3rd July to 27th July, literally pushing you to fall in love and experience something memorable. Those who are already in a relationship will experience a romantic boost between 21st August& 14th September. Some couples may decide to move in together or tie the knot!

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