How To Take Care Of Skin & Hair Post-Holi?

Post-Holi Skin & Hair Care Tips

Holi is one of our much-awaited festivals. The unique color play is the prime highlight of this festival. We all feel the pain while removing the Holi colors post-Holi celebration but still none of us are ready to give up or cut down the Holi celebration by even 5%. There is so much fun and excitement involved in smearing Holi colors on each other that no one actually is bothered about the skin and hair damage. But knowing hair and skin care tips is essential that would help you in retaining the shine and glamor. Read below and know the important skin and hair care tips post Holi celebration.

Post-Holi Skin Care Tips:

  1. It is essential to apply some castor oil or almond oil or olive oil or a nice sunscreen before you go out for color play on 21st March, Holi. This layer of oil will help you in the removal of stubborn Holi colors from your face. Additionally, this application of oil will not allow the colors to stick to your skin. Now, once you have followed that routine, use cold water while removing your colors post-Holi. Because warm or hot water will make the colors to stick to your skin and difficult to remove.
  2. Please avoid the usage of cosmetic scrubbers as they would make your skin rougher. Use mild natural products or mild Ayurvedic products to clean or scrub your face. In case you are scrubbing your face post-Holi, then once is enough. Don’t go for scrubbing 2 or 3 times a day!
  3. You can use your make up remover liquid or water to remove the first layer of Holi colors from your face.
  4. At least for your bathing post-Holi celebration, choose the mild and soap-free face cleansers. Because they will retain the natural moisture of your skin.
  5. The Holi colors – be it natural or artificial lead to the roughness of the skin. Holi is a spring festival and that means a bit of winter climate is still there. So, consecutive use of dry colors and washing off with water leads to oil depletion from the skin. So, for a week post your Holi celebration, use a very nice and thick body lotion, body moisturizer, or body butter.
  6. Opt for the natural face packs that you can make at home to get rid of the remnants of colors from your skin. You can prepare a papaya face mask with grated papaya, rose water, honey, and fuller’s earth. Or you may use the mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and honey and massage your face gently for 5 minutes. In fact, by rubbing banana peel also helps you to get rid of the Holi colors.

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips:

  1. Use cold water or lukewarm water to clean your Holi colorful hair. Simply stand below the shower and allow all the color to flow first.
  2. Use a mild shampoo or those shampoos with Milk protein or high moisturizing effect. Don’t scratch your scalp too much. Simply, go for a mild massage and wash off.
  3. Don’t forget to apply a good conditioner on your hair and let the conditioner sit on your hair for at least 10 minutes. Keeping the conditioner for 10 minutes would help your hair strands to regain the softer touch.
  4. For the whole week after Holi celebration, go for a nice oil massage every night and follow it with a mild shampoo the next day. Use a mix of almond, coconut, olive, and castor oil for ultra-softness. Or if you don’t have all these, then go for coconut oil only.
  5. If your hair has become too dry post-Holi celebration, then, you can go for a nice hair pack. Take 1 cup of raw milk and mix that with 1 tablespoon of honey. Now, apply this mix on your hair starting from the roots to the tips. Keep it for half an hour or 1 hour and follow that with a shampoo using lukewarm water.

If you follow these tips, then, you would be able to tackle your hair and skin problems that generally bother you Post-Holi. Ferns N Petals wishes you a very Happy & Colorful Holi in advance!

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