How Social Media has changed the concept of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's ay in the time of social media

What all comes to your mind with the mention of the word “media”? Primetime news, valiant coverage of scams, reporting of events on TV, newspapers, and radio. But over the years another medium of news has evolved and the term coined for it is “Social Media” or “Digital Media”. The Internet has revolutionized our world and there are no second thoughts on that. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many other platforms have given a voice to millions to share their views. It has become easy to reach out to people beyond geographical boundaries. In this age of social media, many things have changed and that includes the expression of love too. So, let’s see how the concept of Valentine’s Day also progressed in this era of smartphones.

Love Letters to Love Messages

There was a time when young hearts used to write love letters or love poems on a piece of paper (sometimes coloured papers) and wrap it around a stone to hurl at the place of the “love interest”. Sometimes these letters were sent through a reliable friend. And some even used to write the letters and put some rose petals in it and then carefully seal it in an envelope. Those Valentine letters were sacred and no less than treasures. Inside the pages of books, under the bed mattresses, or inside a safe box, these Valentine’s letters felt safe.

Now, all you need is a phone number to convey the feelings of love on Valentine’s Day. GIFs, quotes, images, and Emojis are now sent via WhatsApp or people tag their lover on various love posts on Facebook. There is a phone lock to unravel what is going on and thus getting caught is a bit difficult now.

Local Shops to Online Stores

Around Valentine’s Day, some of the local shops used to sell love cards, teddy bears, roses, and all those cheesy things that express love. Walking into that store with a fear “God, help me, no one should see me” is gone. You can now simply log in to any online store, select the required gifts of love and romance, and get it delivered at a place where they cannot be caught.

Limited Options to Multiple Choices

To be frank and honest before the evolution of social media, there were limited options to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If someone went to some nice restaurant also they were devoid of fancy decorations like it happens today. The rich couples used to go for a drive or a dinner date. Mostly others opted for simple gifts like a rose, chocolate, or love poem and spend the evening together with a cup of tea/coffee.

Now, there are multiple options to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Brands shout out with offers, sales, and packages to make the couples feel special. From travel packages to movie shows, special parties to spa couple offers – there is a sea of options that you can choose from.

One Special Photo to FOMO

The old camera with film reels required some efforts to be clicked. And couples had to wait for weeks to get them from the studio. Definitely back then a photo was special. Back then couples selected special dates like Valentine’s Day or anniversary to click themselves. That one photograph was treasured in a frame, in a photo album book.

Cut to today’s world, couples easily click at least 100 photos. And then select the best ones, edit them with filters and then post them on social media. For Valentine’s Day, the special photos have to be shared socially with the best hashtags or else there will be FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

The Special One to The One Swipe

In old times, i.e., before social media, dating required some homework. You had to ask out that “special someone” weeks before, plan it well, take advice from your best friends, and then spend the special day in a memorable way. Now, all it takes for a date on Valentine’s Day is one swipe in case you have not committed already.

There’s definitely a difference in celebration of Valentine’s Day but that feeling of love is constant.

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